How to Contour

Contouring the face is a very important step in doing make up.  It brings shape and definition to the face.  Look at your face when you are not wearing any make up.  There are natural shadows on the face.  When you apply foundation, it creates an even color all over the face.  Contouring brings back in those natural shadows to the face.

I like to add a little contour and have it look completely natural.  I don’t want anyone besides a make up artist to know that I have contoured my face.

To correctly contour your face you need the NARS Ita Kabuki brush.  This is the only brush I have ever used to contour and it is amazing.  No other brush does what this one can do.  And this brush makes it so easy to contour.

Find the line on your face where the contour will go.  It’s just below the cheekbone, where the natural shadow is.  If you are having trouble knowing where it goes, draw a line from the tip of your ear to the corner of your mouth.  This is where you put your contour.

nars ita kabuki brush

Next, you need contour powder.  Don’t just use your bronzer, it’s not the same.  Shadows have more of a grey tone and so should your contour.  I’m using NARS contour in shade Paloma.

I dot my brush in the powder, using a very small amount of product.  Draw my line, starting at the outside of my face and bringing it in.  I stop my line just before the apples of my cheeks.  This will focus on making the cheekbones stand out.  Once you have your line, using the same brush without adding any more product, and blend it out.  Using back and forth, very small circular/wiggly motions (making sure to not bring it to high) until it is fully blended.

nars paloma contour powder

how to contour


You can add more if your contour isn’t enough.  But be careful not to add to much because it will make your face look muddy.  Then I always contour my forehead on the top outer side.  I sometimes contour the sides of my nose, this will make the nose look slimmer.  Basically anywhere you put contour it will create a shadow and make that part of your face look smaller.

Then apply blush and your favorite highlight.  I’m using NARS blush in ‘orgasm’.  This is a perfect pinky peachy blush.  It works on all skin types and in all seasons.  It’s a beautiful shade!  And NARS just came out with an limited edition line for spring, there is a duo compact with orgasm blush and a bronzer.  It looks beautiful!  If I didn’t already own this blush, I would get the bronzer/blush duo compact for sure!

nars blush orgasm

applying blush

nars orgasm blush

I’m finishing off with some lipgloss and I’m using NARS ‘turkish delight’.  I love a glossy lip!  It’s so feminine and girly.  Funny story with this gloss… It must have been about 10 years ago and I heard that Kim Kardashian wore this lipgloss.  So I ran out immediately and bought it.  I have used it constantly.  Then NARS revamped their lipgloss formula last year.  I repurchased this shade in the new formula.  It is my ride or die lipgloss, I can’t live without it.  It is always in my purse and I still wear it a ton!  And BTW, the new formula is awesome!  I love it so much more, who knew that was even possible!

nars turkish delight

applying lipgloss


nars turkish delight lipgloss

Make up used:
Brush | Contour Powder | Blush | Lipgloss

Outfit Details:
Sweater | Earrings | Necklace | Bracelets: Here, Here, Here


how to contour

Thank you Nordstrom for collaborating with me on this post

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  1. I love this! Thank you so much. I have the same coloring in my face as you and I have attempted contouring with the large Marc Jacobs compact. It looked to muddy and I had to return it. After that I gave up. I will try your way.

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