Winter White With A Little Sparkle

Dior DIORISSIMO pink, nadri bracelet, kendra scott necklace, topshop coat,

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John’s birthday was this weekend and I love celebrating birthdays!!  I love making it a long weekend celebration.  We started Friday night with an amazing dinner at home.  Saturday I go up early, while he slept in, and made breakfast.  Then just John and I went out for dinner & a movie that night.  On Sunday, John’s family came over.  I made his favorite cake and we had a delicious dinner.  It was so nice to celebrate John’s birthday!!

For my outfit, I love all the texture and details!  My top has a great sparkle detail and the faux fur coat is awesome!  I put on some sparkly jewelry and a hot pink bag to make it super fun!!  Throw off the coat and it’s a perfect girls night out.  And it will transition perfectly into spring!

dior bag, topshop coat, topshop coat

Dior Dior DIORISSIMO magenta bag

topshop cream faux fur coat

Dior DIORISSIMO bag, cream fur

cream & magenta

3 thoughts on “Winter White With A Little Sparkle

  1. Hi,
    I really love your fashion posts, but I would love if you give cheaper alternative for high end stuff. Like that Dior bag, even if it is perfection, it would be really cool if you would give options that are less then 2000$ ;)
    You’re gorgeous
    Thank you

    1. I totally get it and love to give more affordable alternatives! I looked for a long time trying to find a hot pink bag that was similar at a good price and couldn’t find one. Hopefully something will come out for spring. Thank you for your suggestion!

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