Mixing Prints

joie, givenchy, stuart weitzman, hunter bell, bcbg

Hunter Bell Coat (on sale) | Joie Sweater (on sale) | Vince Leggings | Stuart Weitzman Boots | Givenchy Bag | BCBG Necklace | Givenchy Earrings | Bracelet (old) | Daniel Wellington Watch | Prada Sunglasses | NARS ‘Turkish Delight’ Lipgloss

Last week my sister in law and brother in law took both our kids over night for a sleep over at their house.  I don’t know if I was more excited that John and I got to go out, or that we got to sleep in the next morning.  Getting to sleep in as late as we want is such a treat, it barely ever happens.  And we needed it!  We slept till after 11!!

I have to break down this outfit a little for you because I love each piece so much!  The sweater is soooooo soft, fits great and the print is beautiful, I have worn it several times in the last week.  Plus, it’s on a huge sale!  I love the coat so much for the unexpected shape, the stripes (which is different than the solid black or grey I’m used to seeing), it’s really warm and again, on a huge sale!

The leggings I can’t say enough.  I love to wear leggings!  My sister, Jaclyn, and my friend, Christian, both told me that these are the best leggings out there.  I was hesitant when I saw the price, but had to give them a try.  First of all, they might say “leggings” but they are the thickness of a ponte knit pant that have the fit of a legging.  The fit and comfort are out of this world!!  And super flattering!  I started to think how much I spend yearly on replacing my $30-$50 leggings.  And I realized if these last me a whole year (which I guarantee they will) they will be worth the money.  Plus I get to wear a much more amazing pair of leggings all year!

mixing prints

prada sunglasses

hunter bell baker coat

bcbg necklace

joie leopard sweater

hunter bell baker Shawl Collar Open Front Coat

black & grey striped coat


leopard print & stripe

joie, givenchy, stuart weitzman, hunter bell, bcbg

Hunter Bell Coat (on sale) | Joie Sweater (on sale) | Vince Leggings | Stuart Weitzman Boots | Givenchy Bag | BCBG Necklace | Givenchy Earrings | Bracelet (old) | Daniel Wellington Watch | Prada Sunglasses | NARS ‘Turkish Delight’ Lipgloss

5 thoughts on “Mixing Prints

  1. This is one of my favorite outfits you’ve shared, you did SO well combining these prints! I LOVE every item! Have a nice day! xo

    Klaudia // klaudiam96.blogspot.com

  2. Hi Rachel! I am fairly new to your blog and I just love you and your blog so very much! you have helped me so much more than you could know. I have 2 small children, one with a disability and a ton of stress in areas like money and marriage and typical stuff. I find you so inspiring and you have helped me out of a depression. I want to get up and get ready and try and look cute to help he day feel a little brighter! It’s a fun, yet real place to come and read. Would you be willing to do some more lifestyle things like… What you eat in a day, home tours, Etc, I just find you so inspiring, you help me a lot and would love to learn more! Thank you for all your hard work and for being your wonderful self!

    1. Janae, you made me cry! Thank you so much! Being a Mom to small children, especially one with a disability, is a big job!! Spending some time on yourself and getting that ‘me time’ is so important. It’s makes us better Mommies :)

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