My Dating Diary :: The One Who Insulted My Family, Then Was Naked Crying on the Floor

I met Bachelor X at a friends wedding.  It is the most beautiful wedding I have ever been to.  It was a very romantic setting to meet someone.  X was a lot of fun; we talked and laughed and danced.  At the end of the night he asked for my number so he could take me out to dinner the following week.

He had so many interesting stories and things he has done with his life.  He is extremely hyper masculine. He would do things like climb Mt Everest in a ridiculous outfit just for fun.  He would free dive and went spear fishing in his free time.  I can’t think of much more of an over the top manly thing- free dive in the middle of the ocean with only a spear to catch a huge fish.  I was extremely attracted to all of it!

We dated for about 2-3 months.  Everything was going great and I was enjoying him and the relationship very much.  This was the first relationship I had post divorce.  Hindsight there were some red flags up front.  But I didn’t notice them.  I was just so excited to be dating someone new with a whole life of different experiences then what I had.

Then one night, everything came crashing down all in about an hour!

X had gone fishing and caught a big grouper.  He wanted to cook dinner for my family and get to know them more.  He picked me up and we went to my mom and stepdads house.  He cooked dinner in their kitchen.  It started out as such a nice night.  A home cooked meal from the grouper he caught the day before, family being together, good conversation… a great start to a night!

Then we sat down for dinner….

First X started talking about religion and how he thinks Christianity is the most bullshit religion there is on the planet.  This is news to me that he thinks this!  We previously had many discussions about religion and I had been clear on my faith of being a Christian.  He knew my entire family is Christian. But yet he sat there in my parents house insulting all of our faith.

As if that wasn’t disrespectful enough, he then turned to my sister.

For anyone who follows my sister, Jaclyn, you know she has talked openly about struggling with anxiety. X suddenly decided it was his job to “fix” her.  He began to lay into her and tells her to “just get over it!” and that she is “living the American dream and has no reason to have anxiety”.  He was aggressive with his tone and body language.  Plus, I have NEVER heard more foul language in my life!  He used more curse words than actual words as he chewed her out.  I would say 2 curses words for 1 actual word.  I mean, truly a talent! Lol 

Jaclyn did not give a reaction.  When he was done, she said she needed to use the restroom and got up from the table.  I watched her grab her purse and knew she was leaving, not going to the bathroom.  Me and my mom went out the car to apologize to her.  I was mortified that a man I was dating just spoke to my family that way.

When I came back inside and sat down at the table, X turned to me and said “did I do something wrong?”.  Ummmmmmmmm….. you think!!!  Me and my stepdad spoke to him and let him know that what he did was not okay.  He apologized and felt so bad about it, he started throwing back whiskey faster than I have ever seen.

Within 20 minutes he was drunk.  He pulled me off to the side and kept apologizing over and over for his behavior towards my family.  He kept telling me how awful he feels and went on and on about how he’s such a bad guy and doesn’t deserve me.  I told him let’s shelf this conversation for now and move on with the evening. I don’t want to have this kind of conversation at my mom and stepdads house while they are in the next room.  Seriously how awkward!

When he finally decided to rejoin the evening, he immediately passed out drunk on the couch. He obviously couldn’t drive home and he lived about an hour away.  He had picked me up in his truck, I only live 5 minutes away.  So I drove him back to my house in his truck.  I felt the only option was to let him sleep it off and send him home in the morning.

My mom and stepdad helped me put him into the truck.  He was so drunk he could barely walk.  On the short drive home, he was very chatty and even took the opportunity to call me a bitch for how bad of a driver I was.  At this point I was so pissed and was so done!  I never want to see him again!!  I was hoping he would throw up all over the inside of his truck so he would have to deal with that in the morning.  But he didn’t :/

When we got back to my house I was not in the mood to take care of him.  He was complaining about feeling nauseous and wanting to throw up.  I didn’t even care.  I told him I’m going to bed and he can handle his own shit.

As I was in my bathroom brushing my teeth, he walked thru my bathroom butt ass naked.  He went into my closet and laid down on his back with his whole body stretched out.  He began crying and saying that he is a bad guy that screwed up and doesn’t deserve me.  I had zero reaction or response.  I looked over my shoulder out of the corner of my eye to observe what was happening.  There are no words for what I was seeing.

I am so tired and over the night, and now I have a naked man on the floor of my closet crying!  I did not give a F***!  As he was laying there naked crying, I stepped over him to get my pj’s.  I literally tiptoed over him trying not to disturb him or let my presence be known, grabbed my stuff and walked out.  I left him naked crying in my closet and went to bed.

I sent him home in the morning, never saw him again.


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My Dating Diary :: The One Who Got Drunk & Grabbed My Sister’s Ass

For a first date, I love meeting someone for just a drink.  I’m not committing to an entire evening, usually just about an hour.  If it goes well it can be extended longer into appetizers, possibly dinner. If it’s going bad, I can leave fairly quickly. The time together can be as short or as long as I want. 

I met Bachelor X for the first time just for a drink. I was enjoying my time, so it turned into dinner.  I had a nice evening with him but didn’t feel a “spark”.  There was nothing wrong, I just didn’t feel it. The entire evening I felt like I was having dinner with my brother.

There is nothing wrong with having a male friend that you enjoy spending time with.  I do believe that men and women can be just friends. I also wondered if maybe I should give him another chance to see if there is something there, or if he will forever be friend zoned.

We went out a second time.  We had dinner then we went to a rooftop bar for a drink.  While we were there my sister text me that she and some friends were out and invited us to come.  Why not?!  He was fun and at this point I had put him forever in the friend zone.  Let’s all go out and have a great time.  

I didn’t realize how much he had been drinking.  That is until I showed up with him and he started acting really odd.  All my friends were questioning me why I was with this guy.  But he had been acting totally normal until we walked in, so I didn’t know what was up?  

He started aimlessly wandering around the place. He was tall and was wearing a white hat so it was easy to spot him.  I remember watching him and seeing his white hat moving all over the place, not a clue what he was doing.  At one point I saw security come up and talk to him.  Not sure about what?

Then he came over and was hanging on me and my sister drunk talking and drooling (yes drooling because he was so out of control!).  He was talking about how much he likes sisters and how happy he is to be there with sisters.  It was disgusting!  He then reaches down and grabbed my sisters ass!!!  Even though he knew she was there with her boyfriend.  I was a bit surprised by his actions, as he had never even made an attempt to touch me.  Not even tried to hold my hand or put his arm around me.

At this point I wanted him gone!  So we asked the security of the place to escort him out.  He left very cordially.  It seemed as though this type of situation has happened to him before and he wanted to leave peacefully.

The most hysterical part of the whole thing is his response the next day.  He text me and was acting totally normal.  When I asked him what happened, why he left and where did he go?  (I wanted to know his perspective on the night before I said anything about what happened.) He only responded with the emoji :/. I don’t think the guy remembered a thing.  I asked him about grabbing my sisters ass, he denied that ever happened. Needless to say, we didn’t stay friends.


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My Dating Diary :: The One With Brown Teeth, is Homeless and Loves Gouda

Oooooohhhhhh where do I start with this one!  This is hands down my worst first date, but also the most comical.  At this moment in my life I had been divorced for almost a year. I had very little dating experience because I was focused on other things.  I was finally ready to get back out there!  And what better way than to sign up for a dating app.  Pause for a deep breath lol

I met a guy who I started chatting with.  He had a great smile, blue eyes and brown hair.  He had recently moved to the area for his job, he was the VP of marketing.  We text for about 2 weeks before we met for our first date.  Everything about him seemed great and I was excited to meet him.

I walked into the restaurant for our date, he was already at the table.  He stood up to say hello and gave me flowers.  Flowers seems like a nice gesture right?!  I though it was… for about 10 seconds.  Then I realized, what the hell am I supposed to do with these flowers in a crowded restaurant?  There wasn’t room for them on the table.  I tried putting them on the bench next to me, but they were touching the person at the table to the right.  It seems like a nice thing, but no!

Next, he smiled at me and had brown teeth.  That’s when I realized all of his photos are him smiling with his lips closed.  Didn’t think it was something I had to put much thought into, but now I realize… a close lipped smile could mean brown teeth!

I should have left right then, but didn’t want to be rude. 

I began asking about his life, like where he grew up, etc. You know, the typical first date stuff.  I quickly realized that this man has lived a life of many complications and turmoils, non of which any of it was his fault.  He blamed his mom, his dad, his stepmom, his teachers, his ex girlfriend, his ex boss, etc.  He had many wild stories of things that had happened to him.  But where he is today and who he is as a person had nothing to do with any of his decisions.  Interesting!!  Victim mentality much!

I then asked him about his relocation and his job.  Turns out his “VP of marketing” was him working at a small local gym helping them put together flyers and small social events to bring in new customers.  As in: we are serving lemonade, bring in a friend and hopefully they will sign up for a membership. Ground breaking lol!! So to say VP of marketing is a bit of a stretch!

Then I asked him where he lives and does he like the area?  Well…… he had a whole story of how he was living with this girl that was just a friend.  Then one night she tried to sleep with him and he refused so she kicked him out.  (another story where nothing is his fault) Now he is living at the gym.  SO…… HOMELESS!! He literally doesn’t have a home.  He is living at a gym and showering in the locker room!  With no plan on when he will find an actual residence.

At this point of the date I wasn’t even angry about all the mislead information, I was more intrigued about what he might say next. 

As the server took our dinner order, he leaned over to her and whispered his order like a secret. Literally putting his hand up over his mouth so I couldn’t see and whispered it.  Then after she left he turns to me and says he likes more simple food and ordered the cheese quesadilla off the kids menu.  We were at this amazing Mexican restaurant and that is what he ordered. All I could think is, what the actually hell is happening?!?!?!

At this point I was struggling to keep the conversation going.  And that rarely happens, I can make good conversation with a wall!  I just didn’t want to talk to him any more and didn’t care if things got awkwardly quiet.  I mean… how much more awkward can things get.

In the small moment of quiet, he started a conversation about his love for gouda cheese.  It was literally the moment from ‘Forest Gump’ where Bubba is talking about all the ways to cook and eat shrimp ;). He went on and on for at least 10 minutes about gouda cheese…. I like gouda on my hamburgers, gouda in my mash potatoes, slightly melt gouda and drizzle it on my asparagus, gouda and salami with a cracker, gouda in my mac and cheese, gouda on a sandwich, gouda with my eggs, gouda fully melted tasted different than gouda slightly melted…..  I had no idea a person could have such a love for gouda and talk about it for so long.  It was so weird that the tables next to me were giving weird looks.  I gave the look back like – I know!!!

As dinner was ending, he asked me to walk to a bar next door.  He said he wanted to get me drunk so I find him more attractive.  Classy!  I told him I had an early morning meeting and had to go home.  I got into my car and got the hell out of there!!  

That is when I learned to meet for just a drink, not dinner, on a first date.  Always have an escape plan to leave quickly!  You never know when you will find yourself on a date with a homeless man ;)


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These joggers have become an instant favorite! I love looooove joggers! They are a staple in my wardrobe just like jeans. I have already worn these twice in the last week. The other time I dressed them down with this bodysuit and these sneakers. The fabric is amazing! They are comfy enough to wear all day, and also nice enough to be dressed up as well.

My Experience with Dating After Divorce

I have been divorced and back on the dating market for 3 years now.  All I can say is, so much has changed since the last time I was single back in 2002.  Not only has our society changed so much when it comes to dating, I am now dating as a 38 year old divorced mom.  It’s a whole new world I have had to learn how to navigate.

Getting back on the dating scene after being married for 15 years has been exciting, fun and scary.  I love to have new experiences and adventures and enjoy meeting new people.  I also get scared I’m going to meet some creep with bad intentions and end up a skin suit.

I think dating can be fun if you go into it with the right approach.  Every date is an opportunity to get to know someone new from a different walk of life.  Everyone has a story.  I ask questions and hear their story, every man loves to talk about himself ;).  My personality is a huge talker, but I do my best to ask questions because I am there to get to know him.  Getting to know him is the only way I will know if I want a second date.  Even if it doesn’t go any further than a first date, it’s always an opportunity to learn something.  Something new he said about life, something new about myself, or learn more about what I want and what I don’t want.  Even a bad date is not a waste of time if I can find the lesson to be learned.

Always be safe!  I always meet my date at the restaurant.  I never let him know where I live until I feel completely comfortable and safe that he has that information.  For me, it’s at least several dates before I would let him pick me up and know where I live.  Also, to be alone in a car with a man is a vulnerable position.  This is another reason why I won’t let him pick me up until I’m comfortable.  Before a date I always let at least one person know where I’m going, what time, what I’m doing, etc.  And I check in regularly with that person throughout the date to ensure I am safe.  Always take the necessary steps to stay safe.

In the past 3 years I have been on many first dates and have had 2 relationships (one short and one long).  I have had many experiences; some good, some bad and some in between.  I plan to share specific stories of some of my dates in later posts.  There are some hysterical stories!

What do I find to be the biggest challenge?  Being in my upper 30’s it’s a unique group of men that are single.  I have found it’s either men that are divorced- which brings up all of those questions… What happened?  Do you have kids, how many, how old?  What is the coparenting relationship like?  If he talks negative about his ex-wife on the first date, run!  Then there are the men that have never been married.  Which leads to a different set of questions… Do you have commitment issues?  Are you a workaholic? Are you emotionally unavailable or have extreme mental health issues?  No one is a clean slate, myself included. 

I love the scene in ‘The Other Woman’ when Leslie Mann says: “The last time I was single the dating pool was everyone.  Now it’s a shallow puddle of age appropriate men.” LOL!!  Then Cameron Diaz goes on to say that it’s even worse than that!  This is pretty much how I have felt!

One advantage is most people my age know what they want.  They have an established life and aren’t going out on a date to waste time.  More often than not, they are up front about their life and what they are looking for.  The first date typically feels more like a job interview.  You go over all the important things and ask the hard questions.  I like this because I can make a logical decision before getting my heart invested.  Everyone has deal breakers.  You may as well ask right away and don’t waste time.

I have found it difficult to navigate dating while having young children. I am very protective over my children and always want them to feel safe.  My kids are with me the majority of the time and I don’t want to get a babysitter so I can go on a date.  I will only go on a date on nights they are with their dad.  Which doesn’t provide me a lot of free time to date.  I also keep my dating life extremely private from my kids.  I don’t tell them if I am going on a date.  They did know when I was in my longer relationship, only because they kept seeing his name pop up on my phone and they asked me about him.  They knew his name and they saw a picture of him and that’s about it.  

Still to this day my kids have never met anyone I have dated.  I tell my kids “when I meet someone who is special enough that has earned the right to meet you, that’s when you will meet him.”  And I take that very seriously.  My kids will ask me about dating once in a while.  They used to only want it to be just the 3 of us forever.  But now they have let me know they want me to meet someone and be in love.   I think as time as passed from the divorce and they are growing up, they don’t want me to live life alone.  I also think they like the idea of having a male figure in the home, it adds something that I can’t provide.  They have put in some special requests…. Caleb told me he wants a brother who is 9 or 10 years old. lol!

I spend almost all of my time with my kids, my family or working.  This doesn’t provide me much opportunity to meet someone.  This is another area I have found challenging.  Where do I meet someone?  I have tried dating apps – OMG! I could write a book on my experience on dating apps lol!  I go out with my girlfriends for dinner, drinks, music; this seems like it would be a good opportunity to meet someone.  But hasn’t ever worked out well for me.  Some advice given to me from my brother: if I’m out at a restaurant, bar, wherever and a man approaches me he’s a douche bag.  The good quality men don’t approach in this way, they usually just sit with their friends.  Which puts the ball in my court to approach him.  It’s good advice!  But it’s a hard one for me to swallow.  I believe in a man making the first move and pursuing the woman.  I can be very old fashion when it comes to dating.  But I’ve also been told that as a woman all I have to do is smile at a man from across the room that I’m interested in meeting.  And if he is interested he will walk over and say hi.  Again good advice, but hasn’t worked for me :/

I’m sharing this advice in hopes it will be helpful for someone.  If it works for you let me know ;)

I’ve always been a positive person and believe in love.  I am a true hopeless romantic.  I love romantic movies and the big grand gesture that the man does for the woman he loves.  I know it’s a movie, but I do believe that can happen in real life.  After a failed marriage and 3 years of dating and I’m currently as single as it gets (literally zero prospects currently!), it would be easy for me to become cynical or bitter.  But I refuse!  I will always believe in love.  I still believe the right man is out there for me somewhere.  And we will find each other when the time is right.  


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Having an ‘All or Nothing’ Personality: the Pros & the Cons

Having an all or nothing personality, or I like to call it- being passionate, has many strengths and it also has many challenges. I live life to the fullest!! I have always had a ‘go big or go home’ view towards everything in my life. And as one of my closest friends says to me: “I rarely go home” lol :)

The pros: When I set my mind to something there isn’t anything that will stand in my way of accomplishing it. It’s not within me to try half way or give up. I give 110% of myself and my efforts to everything I do. I live life with a lot of passion and I allow that passion to guide me. If I’m not passionate about something, I don’t do it. So when I set my mind on something and pour my heart into it, I will always succeed!

When I commit to something or someone I am committed! Whether it is a friendship, romantic relationship, work, or a goal I set for myself – I stay committed all the way thru. This helps me to never give up on my goals and dreams. This also makes me very loyal to whoever I commit to, it takes a lot for me to end a relationship. I love very hard and with a lot of passion. This deep love and commitment I have makes me very passionate about being a great Mom. I take the responsibility of being a Mother very seriously and put my kids #1.

I feel life to the most. I experience love, laughter, joy in the deepest way possible. I physically feel the emotions so much it consumes my entire being. Which makes life so much fun! I am a forever optimist about life and always see the good in everyone.

The cons: Because I am a passionate person and feel life to the most, I also feel the ‘bad’ emotions to the most as well. When something devastating, traumatic or hurtful happens I go into such a deep place of pain. I feel the hurt so much deeper and worse than most. And it typically takes me longer to move out of that place of pain. I’ve been called a “victim” or “having a pity party”. But it’s the process I need to go thru in order for me to truly work thru these emotions and release them. If I move on before I’m ready with a fake smile these emotions will come back to bite me later. It’s always best to face emotions head on in the moment.

Good habits can take a turn into obsessions, leading to unhealthy behaviors. Let me give an example: Several years ago I wanted to lose about 20 pounds. It started off as working out 2-3 days a week and eating more healthy. Then I got obsessed with the high of the work outs and seeing results. I started working out 6 days a week and some times twice in the same day. I was only eating once a day and it was dry chicken and some veggies. I became obsessed with how skinny I could get. And I got very skinny!! I was so small I was photoshopping my body bigger for my IG pictures. Then I went a step further and went to a doctor to get a consultation for liposuction. He suggested lipo and a tummy tuck, making my waist 7 inches smaller (I was a 26 inch waist at the time). And that’s when I realized I had taken it too far!

Finding Balance: My highs are high and my lows are low. Having balance in my life is something I have always struggled with. I mean, it looks nice when I see others having balance. Just not sure how to accomplish that for myself. It almost feels like I’m not giving my full effort.

In 2020 I began working on finding more balance in my life. I worked on doing activities that use a medium amount of energy. Nothing to over stimulating and nothing to blah. It was my big attempt to find that balance. If I’m being completely honest, I got really bored lol! I was created to live life vibrantly and with a lot of excitement.

Always be unapologetically authentically YOU!

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