My Dating Diary :: The One Who Insulted My Family, Then Was Naked Crying on the Floor

I met Bachelor X at a friends wedding.  It is the most beautiful wedding I have ever been to.  It was a very romantic setting to meet someone.  X was a lot of fun; we talked and laughed and danced.  At the end of the night he asked for my number so he could take me out to dinner the following week.

He had so many interesting stories and things he has done with his life.  He is extremely hyper masculine. He would do things like climb Mt Everest in a ridiculous outfit just for fun.  He would free dive and went spear fishing in his free time.  I can’t think of much more of an over the top manly thing- free dive in the middle of the ocean with only a spear to catch a huge fish.  I was extremely attracted to all of it!

We dated for about 2-3 months.  Everything was going great and I was enjoying him and the relationship very much.  This was the first relationship I had post divorce.  Hindsight there were some red flags up front.  But I didn’t notice them.  I was just so excited to be dating someone new with a whole life of different experiences then what I had.

Then one night, everything came crashing down all in about an hour!

X had gone fishing and caught a big grouper.  He wanted to cook dinner for my family and get to know them more.  He picked me up and we went to my mom and stepdads house.  He cooked dinner in their kitchen.  It started out as such a nice night.  A home cooked meal from the grouper he caught the day before, family being together, good conversation… a great start to a night!

Then we sat down for dinner….

First X started talking about religion and how he thinks Christianity is the most bullshit religion there is on the planet.  This is news to me that he thinks this!  We previously had many discussions about religion and I had been clear on my faith of being a Christian.  He knew my entire family is Christian. But yet he sat there in my parents house insulting all of our faith.

As if that wasn’t disrespectful enough, he then turned to my sister.

For anyone who follows my sister, Jaclyn, you know she has talked openly about struggling with anxiety. X suddenly decided it was his job to “fix” her.  He began to lay into her and tells her to “just get over it!” and that she is “living the American dream and has no reason to have anxiety”.  He was aggressive with his tone and body language.  Plus, I have NEVER heard more foul language in my life!  He used more curse words than actual words as he chewed her out.  I would say 2 curses words for 1 actual word.  I mean, truly a talent! Lol 

Jaclyn did not give a reaction.  When he was done, she said she needed to use the restroom and got up from the table.  I watched her grab her purse and knew she was leaving, not going to the bathroom.  Me and my mom went out the car to apologize to her.  I was mortified that a man I was dating just spoke to my family that way.

When I came back inside and sat down at the table, X turned to me and said “did I do something wrong?”.  Ummmmmmmmm….. you think!!!  Me and my stepdad spoke to him and let him know that what he did was not okay.  He apologized and felt so bad about it, he started throwing back whiskey faster than I have ever seen.

Within 20 minutes he was drunk.  He pulled me off to the side and kept apologizing over and over for his behavior towards my family.  He kept telling me how awful he feels and went on and on about how he’s such a bad guy and doesn’t deserve me.  I told him let’s shelf this conversation for now and move on with the evening. I don’t want to have this kind of conversation at my mom and stepdads house while they are in the next room.  Seriously how awkward!

When he finally decided to rejoin the evening, he immediately passed out drunk on the couch. He obviously couldn’t drive home and he lived about an hour away.  He had picked me up in his truck, I only live 5 minutes away.  So I drove him back to my house in his truck.  I felt the only option was to let him sleep it off and send him home in the morning.

My mom and stepdad helped me put him into the truck.  He was so drunk he could barely walk.  On the short drive home, he was very chatty and even took the opportunity to call me a bitch for how bad of a driver I was.  At this point I was so pissed and was so done!  I never want to see him again!!  I was hoping he would throw up all over the inside of his truck so he would have to deal with that in the morning.  But he didn’t :/

When we got back to my house I was not in the mood to take care of him.  He was complaining about feeling nauseous and wanting to throw up.  I didn’t even care.  I told him I’m going to bed and he can handle his own shit.

As I was in my bathroom brushing my teeth, he walked thru my bathroom butt ass naked.  He went into my closet and laid down on his back with his whole body stretched out.  He began crying and saying that he is a bad guy that screwed up and doesn’t deserve me.  I had zero reaction or response.  I looked over my shoulder out of the corner of my eye to observe what was happening.  There are no words for what I was seeing.

I am so tired and over the night, and now I have a naked man on the floor of my closet crying!  I did not give a F***!  As he was laying there naked crying, I stepped over him to get my pj’s.  I literally tiptoed over him trying not to disturb him or let my presence be known, grabbed my stuff and walked out.  I left him naked crying in my closet and went to bed.

I sent him home in the morning, never saw him again.


Hoodie: BP | Denim: Good American | Sneakers: Karl Lagerfeld | Bag: Givenchy

11 thoughts on “My Dating Diary :: The One Who Insulted My Family, Then Was Naked Crying on the Floor

  1. Wow. There are no words. That sounds like something from a movie. I’m so sorry you all had to experience that.

  2. You have so much class and grace. You handled this situation like the lady you are. This guy has so much growing up to do. He is a man child. I am sure he woke up wondering why he was naked in a closet full of clothing for women. Once he sobers up he will understand.

  3. Whoa! Talk about hot mess train, sounds like he had the issues and was deflecting on your family. Yeah hard pass on that one. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Maybe I watch too many episodes of snapped? But I feel like his behavior was obviously less than predictable…I wouldn’t have brought him into my house at that state. I would’ve made him stay in his truck and locked my house. Am I wrong for this? Lol

  5. Omg saaame I was just thinking this! I would’ve locked his ass out the house and left a note saying GTFOH.

  6. Oh my god!!!!!!!!! How bizarre smh you’re an angel for even letting him sleep over. I would’ve drove him home and took an Uber back to my place.

  7. Holy cow that’s insane! Girl you are a saint for how you handled the situation. I applaud you for letting him inside your house. I agree with the others and think you should’ve left him outside in his truck.

  8. Wow!!! Wow wow! No words!! I hope you find someone that is magnificent!!! I wish you were closer to GA. My brother is single and he is honestly an amazing catch!

  9. To have any continued dating experience after this being your first back out there…
    Now THAT’S a strong woman.

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