My Dating Diary :: The One Who Got Drunk & Grabbed My Sister’s Ass

For a first date, I love meeting someone for just a drink.  I’m not committing to an entire evening, usually just about an hour.  If it goes well it can be extended longer into appetizers, possibly dinner. If it’s going bad, I can leave fairly quickly. The time together can be as short or as long as I want. 

I met Bachelor X for the first time just for a drink. I was enjoying my time, so it turned into dinner.  I had a nice evening with him but didn’t feel a “spark”.  There was nothing wrong, I just didn’t feel it. The entire evening I felt like I was having dinner with my brother.

There is nothing wrong with having a male friend that you enjoy spending time with.  I do believe that men and women can be just friends. I also wondered if maybe I should give him another chance to see if there is something there, or if he will forever be friend zoned.

We went out a second time.  We had dinner then we went to a rooftop bar for a drink.  While we were there my sister text me that she and some friends were out and invited us to come.  Why not?!  He was fun and at this point I had put him forever in the friend zone.  Let’s all go out and have a great time.  

I didn’t realize how much he had been drinking.  That is until I showed up with him and he started acting really odd.  All my friends were questioning me why I was with this guy.  But he had been acting totally normal until we walked in, so I didn’t know what was up?  

He started aimlessly wandering around the place. He was tall and was wearing a white hat so it was easy to spot him.  I remember watching him and seeing his white hat moving all over the place, not a clue what he was doing.  At one point I saw security come up and talk to him.  Not sure about what?

Then he came over and was hanging on me and my sister drunk talking and drooling (yes drooling because he was so out of control!).  He was talking about how much he likes sisters and how happy he is to be there with sisters.  It was disgusting!  He then reaches down and grabbed my sisters ass!!!  Even though he knew she was there with her boyfriend.  I was a bit surprised by his actions, as he had never even made an attempt to touch me.  Not even tried to hold my hand or put his arm around me.

At this point I wanted him gone!  So we asked the security of the place to escort him out.  He left very cordially.  It seemed as though this type of situation has happened to him before and he wanted to leave peacefully.

The most hysterical part of the whole thing is his response the next day.  He text me and was acting totally normal.  When I asked him what happened, why he left and where did he go?  (I wanted to know his perspective on the night before I said anything about what happened.) He only responded with the emoji :/. I don’t think the guy remembered a thing.  I asked him about grabbing my sisters ass, he denied that ever happened. Needless to say, we didn’t stay friends.


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