Whitening Lightning Lip Gloss Colors & Review

 Whitening Lightning Lip Gloss Colors

Whitening Lightning Lip Gloss Colors

Nude, Butter Cream, Sugar Mama, Figi, Raspberry Sherbet, Coral Craze, Rose Hill, Summer Sun (left to right)

Whitening Lightning lip glosses are truly one of the best lip glosses I have ever used!  The color is so pigmented, the texture is so creamy (never sticky!), and it lasts for hours.  Their packaging is genius!  There is a mirror on the side of the lip gloss (make sure to take the clear plastic cover off the mirror before use) and a light inside the wand.  No more dark restaurants trying to reapply lip gloss after dinner and guessing where it goes.

Whitening Lightning Lip Gloss

You can purchase the glosses separately or in bundles.  Purchasing a bundle is a better value: $24 individually, the bundle of 5 is $13.80 each and you get to pick your 5 colors.  Use code ‘rachel’ for 25% off your entire purchase (including bundles), plus any purchase of $75 or more gets free shipping.  They also offer a lip gloss duo, it includes Butter Cream + your choice of either Rose Hill, Sugar Mama or Nude.

My go to colors are Butter Cream & Rose Hill (both created by my sister Jaclyn Hill), Sugar Mama, Raspberry Sherbet, and Coral Craze.  These colors can be worn day or night, with almost any look or outfit.  Fiji and Summer Sun are more bold and look great with a specific look.  I’m obsessed with mixing Rose Hill + Sugar Mama.  It’s a match made in heaven!  If you can only get one, the must have is Butter Cream!

Shop all colors and bundles at Whitening Lightning and use code ‘rachel’ for 25% off!


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  1. I am going to have to give the duo a try! Rose Hill and Buttercream look gorgeous!

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