What’s Under Your Clothes?

We talk a lot about different styles and trends and how to wear them.  But what you wear under your clothes makes a huge difference in how the clothes look.  I started to think about some of my must haves that every woman needs to have in her intimates drawer.  Kind of a weird (and slightly awkward) topic, but it’s necessary and we will get thru it together.

Let’s talk about bras.  I love a beautiful, lace bra that makes me feel sexy.  But let’s get real, I rarely wear them.  With most outfits you can see the lace and it makes my boobs look all bumpy.  A smooth, push up bra is what I am wearing almost every day.  As a woman in my 30’s who has had 2 kids (and nursed them both) I need push up and padding to keep my ladies looking plump and perky.

I always have this kind of bra in black and nude.  Get it in nude, not white.  You can see a white bra under a white shirt but you can’t see nude.  I some times have a fun color.  Maybe a pink or light purple, just in case a bra strap shows during the summer it looks much cuter than boring nude.

This kind of bra is for practicality.  Make sure it fits properly and looks good under a t-shirt.  I always put my shirt on over the bra when trying them on to make sure everything looks good.  To ensure a perfect fit go and get measured.  I get measured every year or 2, or if I gain or lose 10 pounds.  I have done this process at several places, but I prefer doing it at Nordstrom best.  Everyone who has ever helped me has been very professional, helpful and makes the process as painless as possible.  I have gotten to the point where all modesty has left and I invite who is helping me in my room to check the fit of the bra.  I mean, they are trained in this, I’m not.  I would rather have a perfect fitting bra than act shy.

Another must have bra is a strapless.  Again, I get a smooth, push up bra in nude.  I love getting a strapless bra that has convertible options.  This way I can make a racerback or halter bra.  This eliminates the need to buy several different bras.  It’s 3 different bras in 1.

Bandeau’s are great options for all the tops and dresses with plunging necklines and side cut outs.  I don’t want my bra to show but I also don’t want the bulkiness of layering a tank.  Put a bandeau over your bra and it gives the appearance of a tank without the layering bulkiness.

As soon as I get home all I want to do is rip my bra off!!!  I hate wearing bras!  But I also don’t want to go braless and let my boobs get saggy.  I discovered day bras many years ago and it was like heaven parted and I heard the angels singing!  These are so comfortable it feels like I’m not wearing anything.  And they hold your boobs up so gravity won’t be working against you.  I have actually slept in these they are so comfortable.  Another option is a tank with a shelf bra.  But I prefer the day bra, I think it gives more support and is more comfortable.

Moving on to underwear.  The only underwear I swear by for under clothes is Hanky Panky thongs.  They are they most comfortable thong I have ever worn!  And you can’t see them under any clothing.  It’s literally the only thing I wear, besides my grandma cotton underwear I wear to bed :)

Shapewear is very important!  It doesn’t matter your size or shape, if you are wearing something tight or form fitting you need shapewear.  If I am wearing a body con dress or pencil skirt I always have on Spanx.  This creates a completely smooth look.  This is my favorite one for under dresses.  There are so many different kinds of Spanx.  Some just smooth everything, some lift and pull in, some just for the butt, some go from the knee all the way up to the chest.  Literally, what ever your need is Spanx has you covered!

Thank you Nordstrom for collaborating with me on this post

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  1. I agree Nordstroms is the best for fittings and bras! Totally worth the money.

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