What’s Under Your Clothes?

We talk a lot about different styles and trends and how to wear them.  But what you wear under your clothes makes a huge difference in how the clothes look.  I started to think about some of my must haves that every woman needs to have in her intimates drawer.  Kind of a weird (and slightly awkward) topic, but it’s necessary and we will get thru it together.

Let’s talk about bras.  I love a beautiful, lace bra that makes me feel sexy.  But let’s get real, I rarely wear them.  With most outfits you can see the lace and it makes my boobs look all bumpy.  A smooth, push up bra is what I am wearing almost every day.  As a woman in my 30’s who has had 2 kids (and nursed them both) I need push up and padding to keep my ladies looking plump and perky.

I always have this kind of bra in black and nude.  Get it in nude, not white.  You can see a white bra under a white shirt but you can’t see nude.  I some times have a fun color.  Maybe a pink or light purple, just in case a bra strap shows during the summer it looks much cuter than boring nude.
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Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

Valentine's Day Gifts for Her

Chanel Perfume / Heart Earrings / Lipstick / Stella McCartney Bag / Valentino Pumps / Candle / Heart Sunglasses / Nail Polish Set / Y Clutch

I’ve always loved Valentine’s Day.  February can be kind of a boring month, aren’t we all just sitting around waiting for spring?  But then Valentine’s day comes right in the middle filled with flowers and chocolates.  That’s enough to brighten my month!  It’s a day that forces me to pause from everything I am doing and focus on the one I love.  John and I usually spend our Valentine’s Day more on the simple side.  We go out to a nice, romantic dinner.  Maybe a movie after dinner, or we might come home and rent a movie.  No matter what we do, I always enjoy getting dressed up and going out with him.  We always have fun no matter what we do.  I hope this Valentine’s day is a great day for you!  I’m sending you all my love!!!! xoxox


Tips & Tricks #14

  1. If you apply to much blush, bronzer, contour, etc use your foundation brush (without applying any new foundation) and blot the area.  This will diffuse some of the unwanted color.
  2. If your kids, or you, have a hard time getting all your veggies take a veggie supplement.  I use super green drink from Trader Joe’s and put it in smoothies.
  3. At night before bed, apply eye cream first, then your moisturizer or beauty oil (to a clean face of course!).
  4. Don’t ever let your fruit go rotten.  If you can’t eat it fast enough, first wash it then freeze it.  You can use it in your smoothies.  Frozen blueberries and frozen grapes make an awesome and easy snack.
  5. When ordering clothes online, if I am unsure of my size I order 2 sizes.  When they come I can try them both on and send the one back that doesn’t work (or return to the store).  This way I get the right fit every time and I never have to wait for an exchange.


Faux Fur Coat

Coat: Glamorous (sold out), so similar here, here / Jeans: Paige / Shoes: Joes Alyson Pump / Bag: Vince Camuto ‘Julia’ Satchel / Lip: MAC ‘Lickable’

Wearing a faux fur coat is one of the easiest ways to make a statement in your outfit.  Put on a pair of jeans, t-shirt and a faux fur coat and you have a look that is in style and very glamorous.  In this look I did natural makeup and a bold pink lip, which is another way to keep things simple and easy, while looking glam.  With so many faux fur coats out right now here are more that I’m loving: (I had to include these adorable faux fur slippers because they are too cute not to share :) )
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