Tips & Tricks #4

  1. Kale is super healthy and is mild in flavor.  Put kale in a blender with any fruits of your choice, coconut water and a pinch of cayenne 414V4QR5V5Lpepper and you have a delicious healthy snack.  Pictured is my favorite blender!
  2. Don’t use your fingers to squeeze out blackheads.  This can cause tiny tears in the skin and pop blood vessels.  Instead use 2 Q-tips and gently press down, in and up.
  3. Steaming your skin has many benefits.  Boil some water, pour into a bowl, and hang your head over the bowl with a towel draping over your head to create a mini steam room for your face.  Some times you gotta do what you gotta do when you can’t spend $100 on a facial. ;)
  4. Before committing to a brand new skin care product, ask for a sample and use it for 1-2 weeks.  In that time you will know if you really like it.  Stores like Nordstrom or Sephora are always happy to give samples, you just have to ask.
  5. Eating late at night causes redness and swelling in between the eyes.  So keep the late night snacking to a minimum.

11 thoughts on “Tips & Tricks #4

  1. Any chance you could do a eye-cream haul? Best eye creams for wrinkles, puffiness, moisturi
    zing, etc?

  2. I absolutely love all your posts, they’re so informative! Quick question, do you have any tips on what I like to call, undergrounders? Those stubborn pimples that stay underground for days, and they’re so painful! Any tips would help :)


    1. When you first feel it coming on put ice on it. Then once it’s there apply a warm compress. It will bring blood in to heal it, and if needed it will bring it to the surface.

  3. Thank you for your post about acne and masks!! I am excited to try some of your recommendations!

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