Tips & Tricks #14

  1. If you apply to much blush, bronzer, contour, etc use your foundation brush (without applying any new foundation) and blot the area.  This will diffuse some of the unwanted color.
  2. If your kids, or you, have a hard time getting all your veggies take a veggie supplement.  I use super green drink from Trader Joe’s and put it in smoothies.
  3. At night before bed, apply eye cream first, then your moisturizer or beauty oil (to a clean face of course!).
  4. Don’t ever let your fruit go rotten.  If you can’t eat it fast enough, first wash it then freeze it.  You can use it in your smoothies.  Frozen blueberries and frozen grapes make an awesome and easy snack.
  5. When ordering clothes online, if I am unsure of my size I order 2 sizes.  When they come I can try them both on and send the one back that doesn’t work (or return to the store).  This way I get the right fit every time and I never have to wait for an exchange.