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Being in my 30’s, with 2 kids and a full time job, it’s very easy to get out of the loop of the best beauty products.  I know I should be better at knowing what the best makeup is since I work around it all day long.  But it’s so easy to get stuck in the same routine every day…  3 years later my routine isn’t working any more.  I realized this recently and decided to update things!

I have been very fortunate to be around some of the best makeup artist in the industry to ask my questions, Jaclyn Hill and Nicole (lipsticknick).  I mostly needed help with my face routine.  I asked them both their favorites and purchased everything they said.

I’m sharing today everything they told me to get, plus a few of my picks.

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1. Sisley Primer: I think a primer before foundation can make or break your foundation thru out the day.  I have struggled finding the right primer for over a year.  Within a couple hours of applying my foundation it breaks up and looks messy all over my face.  Jaclyn has been telling me this is best primer but I haven’t wanted to spend the money on it.  I finally broke down (after a year of bad foundation looks) and decided to try it.  I’ve used it every day for the last 10 days with all different foundations and my makeup has not moved!!!  At my age, with my many skin issues, this primer is worth the money to keep my foundation smooth and flawless all day long.

2. Too Face ‘Better Than Sex’ Mascara: This is a repurchase to me!  It’s been my favorite mascara for more than a year.  I can’t live without it!  It makes my eyelashes thick and long.

3. Quai Finishing Cream: I love my hair to have that bedhead, lived in, messy look.  With my blonde highlights I have to make sure I don’t use anything that makes my hair look dry.  A cream that is lightweight is the perfect solution.  I’ve used this several times in the last week and I’m in love!  It’s lightweight and doesn’t weigh down my hair.  It gives it lots of texture, body, shine and smooths out the ends.

4. & 5. Chanel Foundation & Powder: This is the foundation and powder that came recommended by Nicole.  It’s what she used on me for the Halloween party.  The foundation is incredible!  It’s a medium to full coverage.  I have applied a thin layer for a daytime look and it looks like natural skin (just better!).  For a nighttime/going out look I apply a little more, it still has a natural look with more full coverage.  It also feels weightless on my skin.

The loose powder is a great setting powder!  I love using a big fluffy brush to apply all over my face to set my foundation.  It feels amazing going on and give a smooth, gorgeous finish.

6. Oribe Supershine Moisturizing Cream: This is a hair product I can not live a day without!  This is a holy grail product for me!  I apply to wet hair before I blow dry my hair.  It is moisturizing, texturizing, smoothes frizz, adds shine, heat protection, lightweight (won’t weigh down your hair)

7. Make Up Forever Eyeliner: I’ve always preferred an eyeliner, I’ve never mastered a gel liner.  I love one that stays on and won’t budge, but yet will buff out as I’m blending my eyeshadow.  This one is perfect!!!!  It’s what I was wearing in my Halloween makeup look.

8. Kat Von D Shade & Face Contour Palette: I’ve really struggled with what powder to set my under eye area.  I always feel like my under eye looks old and wrinkled.  And that my makeup settles and creases really quickly.  Jaclyn told me to get this palette and use the lightest color to set my under eye.  It’s been life changing!!!!  You can also purchase each color separately.  I choose to purchase the whole palette because I may want to use the other colors.

9. Chanel Chance: I’m obsessed with pretty much all Chanel perfumes!!  I think they are the best!  My all time favorite fragrance for going out (more of a sexy fragrance) is Coco Chanel Mademoiselle (different than the traditional Coco Chanel fragrance).  I also love their new Gabrielle fragrance.  I’m probably thru half my bottle by now.  I wanted to get this Chanel chance (pink color) because I was looking for a great daytime, light fragrance.  I like to spray perfume every morning, no matter what.  Even if I’m going to they gym.  Ok… especially if I’m going the gym.  I never want anyone to smell any sort of stick off of me.  I give myself a few sprays every time I leave the house, and drench myself when I go to the gym :)

10. Quai Soft Mousse: I have very thick, naturally frizzy hair.  But I’m always looking for something that can give me texture and volume.  I’ve used this once and it seems perfect.  It gave me tons of body in my hair and texture.  While feeling soft and looking very natural.

11. Kat Von D Liquid Lipstick: Obsessed with this formula!!!!!  I’ve heard it’s amazing and it did not disappoint!  With all my liquid lipsticks, I take the time to apply 2-3 layers before I leave the house.  Waiting several minutes in between applying each layer.  The first time I wore this lip it was to a party, with a lot of eating and drinking.  I wore the lip without reapplying for over 6 hours. When I got home I saw that the lip had not moved! Absolute perfection!  The shade I have been wearing is ‘Lovecraft’.  I plan on getting more shades :)

12. Charlotte Tilbury Perfecting Powder: Powder can be a tricky thing.  We need it, but if it’s not good it can make your makeup look really bad.  In my attempt to switch up my face routine I asked Jaclyn what powder she suggested for me.  She told me to get this one.  It just came in the mail today and I haven’t had a chance to use it yet.  I swatched it and it looks amazing!!  I can’t wait to try it and see what it does to my foundation routine.

13. Make Up Forever Foundation: This is the foundation that Jaclyn recommended to me.  I have loved it!  It is a full coverage foundation and gives my skin a flawless finish.  It lasts all day without moving.  Although it’s a full coverage it does not feel heavy on my skin.  I wore it to a birthday party this past Saturday night and everyone kept asking what I did different to my makeup because it looked so good. I give all the credit to my new foundation!

XO, Rachel

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  1. Please can you let me know what your skin type is? I’m oily and have been struggling to find the perfect primer and foundation. Was wondering if this primer would help.
    Thanks x

  2. I am also wondering what your skin type is. I love this article (detail, organized info, visuals). I would like to try some of the mentioned products. I have dry to normal skin. :)

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