IMATS LA Experience & Haul

This is my first time ever going to IMATS and what an experience!! I walked into it having no idea what it was going to be like. It was fun, exciting, crazy, overwhelming all wrapped into one. I had the opportunity to meet so many amazing people, see old friends, and of course- hang with my family! Meeting everyone who came out to see my sister, Jaclyn Hill, was awesome! I personally want to say thank you to everyone who came to meet her. Everyone is so sweet, amazing and beautiful! Seriously, I have never seen a crowd of more beautiful people in my life!


Even though I was there for 3 days I only had about 30 minutes to shop. What?? So I had to power shop! I was running through as many counters as I could picking up anything that looked cute. The lady behind the Smashbox counter probably thought I was such a spaz. Just as I got to her counter I looked up and lost everyone I was with. Then I heard someone say “Rachel hurry up!” even though I saw no one I recognized. I literally looked at her and said “what do I need?”. I scooped up as many products as I could and kept moving.


As always, seeing my Sigma friends is a high light! Their VIP party was so much fun! I got to meet Kandee Johnson and Camila. Both of IMG_0597them are so gorgeous and incredibly sweet and genuine. Also, at the party was the woman responsible for doing the make up for the Devil Baby video. On the last day I got to meet the beautiful Marlena, YouTube star and owner of Make Up Geek. Seriously, everyone is so beautiful and nice!

I had such a blast and so much fun! I’m already thinking about IMATS New York!! Here is everything I got this weekend and what I’m so excited to use!

Time for the HAUL!!!!!!!


Smashbox ‘Full Exposure’ Palette
This is a great palette of all the neutrals you will ever need.  It has warm tones, cool tones, mattes and sparkles, light and dark shades.  It’s great for someone starting out or adding to your existing make-up collection.


Too Faced ‘Boudoir Eyes’
Loving this!  You can create everything from a natural look to a smoky sexy look.  I am a sucker for a smoky taupe eye.  It’s so feminine and sexy at the same time.


Stila ‘in the light’ Palette
Such amazing colors!  I love the shimmer colors and the matte colors.  The perfect amount of light and dark colors.  This can be a go to palette for day and night.  Yes, the lightest color is barely seen :)


Stila Individual Shadows
Kitten, Oasis, Sun, Tone, Pigalle, Poise, Java
I can foresee me using all these colors so much.  Kitten has a lot of sparkle, Oasis is more of a golden tone, and Sun is the perfect neutral shade to put all over the lid for any make-up look.  Tone is more muted, Pigalle is a must have and so gorgeous!  Poise is a great plummy purple, and Java will go with anything.  Java is rich and creamy, another must have!


Too Faced Candlelight Glow & Smashbox Baked Stardust
Both of these are amazing hi-lights!  The Too Faced one is a lot lighter, very angelic looking.  The Smashbox one gives a more natural glow, like you’ve been out in the sun all day.


Stila ‘Sping Fling” & ‘Spring Break’ Lip Glaze Trio
The ‘spring break’ is very sheer with a nice gloss finish.  The ‘spring fling’ has more pigment to it.  Both a little sticky, which I don’t mind.  They both give a very beautiful gloss to the lip, and a great smell.


Too Faced La Creme ‘Razzle Dazzle Rose’ & ‘Fuchsia Shock’ Lipstick
These lipsticks are so creamy.  They have a nice glowing finish, so a gloss is not necessary.  They have great pigment.  This is a perfect grab and go lipstick.  It’s the only thing you need to apply.  ‘Razzle Dazzle’ is a great every day color or soft color with a smoky eye.  ‘Fuchsia Shock’ is a great brighter pink to make the look more fun!  Definite must have!


Dose of Color
‘Attitude’, ‘Wild Child’, ‘Burning Love’
These glosses are so pigmented!  They apply the exact color as they look in the tube.  Tip- for the darker glosses apply a lipstick first before the gloss, that way the gloss doesn’t bleed onto your face.  Click HERE to purchase.


Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics
‘Femme’, ‘Mannequin’, ‘Divine’ Lip Tar & Anti-Feathered  Cosmetic Colour Pencil
This lip pencil is a clear wax.  You put it on and it stops any gloss or lipstick from moving past that point and bleeding onto your face.  It really works!  This lip tars are awesome!  They are 100% vegan and cruelty-free, and you only need 1-2 drops to cover you entire lip.  They have a satin finish and look beautiful.  With orange lips being such a huge trend right now, I find orange a difficult color to wear.  This is why I love ‘femme’ and ‘divine’, they are a pink-orange.  A pink-orange is much easier to wear and looks good on all skin types.  ‘Femme’ is softer in color, where ‘divine’ is brighter.  ‘Mannequin’ is the perfect girly pink.


NYX Butter Gloss
01 Strawberry Parfait, 02 Eclair, 03 Peaches & Cream, 05 Creme Brulee, 06 Peach Cobbler, 09 Vanilla Cream Pie, 18 Cupcake, 19 Sugar Cookie, 21 Raspberry Tart
These are so creamy and delicious.  The picture is very true to the colors in real life.  Some are more sheer, some are more pigmented.  For $4.99 a piece, why not have one in every room/bag you have?  Click HERE to purchase.

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Love you!!!!

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  1. I will be making a date with you soon Rach so we can play with all your fun new purchases. I’m thinking slumber party ASAP! PS you looked gorgina in your pics!!! Love you and can’t wait to hear all about it when you settle in!! Xoxo

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