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2014 was such a fun year for me!!  I want to thank every single person who reads my blog, leaves comments, follows me on social media and shows your support.  It means the world to me!  Having a blog it’s really easy to go back and look at my entire year.  Here are some of my favorite moments and products of 2014.  Get ready, because it’s long…


fresh skincare

Fresh Soy Face cleanser: I don’t think I can say enough great things about this cleanser!  It will probably be on my favorites every single year.  This cleanser works for all skin types, it gently deep cleans and is a makeup remover.  If you have been reading for a while, you know how obsessed I am :)

Fresh Lotus Moisturizer & Seaberry Oil: The lotus moisturizer is my morning moisturizer all year long, no matter what the season or what I’m doing.  It’s light weight and is very hydrating.  Fresh seaberry oil I use almost every night.  This is my night time moisturizer that keeps my skin so dewy and plump looking.

skincare treatments

Cane & Austin Retexurizing Pads: This has been the biggest difference in my skincare in 2014.  These retexurizing pads are like little miracle workers!!  At first I used them almost every night, then after a few weeks I backed off a little and now I use them 2 times a week (at night).   They literally retexurize your skin.  It clears up texture, evens out skin tone and complexion, diminishes fine lines and wrinkles and scaring, and gives the skin an overall glow.

Dr Brandt ‘Glow’ Eye Cream: This eye cream does exactly what it claims.  It lightens dark circles, lightens the under eye area and reduces fine lines.  I have been so impressed by this eye cream!

GlamGlow DualCleanse Treatment: Another product that exceeded my expectations.  It deep cleans, hydrates, lightens dark spots and evens out complexion.

moisturizers best

Josie Maran Whipped Argan Hand Cream: I discovered this only a few months ago, just in time for winter.  I use this as my hand cream every night before bed.  My hands have never looked this nice during the winter ever.  It’s so creamy and nourishing, and not greasy.

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment: Best lip treatment ever!  I use this as my “chapstick” or in my house we call it “lips”.  My son will say to me “Mommy I need some lips”, haha.  I love the smell, texture, creaminess and it keeps my lips so soft.

Jimmy Choo Parfume: Perfume is such a personal preference, and you may or may not love the one I love.  But this has been such an amazing perfume for me this last year.  I think it smells amazing, I always get compliments on how good I smell.  I highly recommend it.


best foundation

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation: This foundation has been my favorite all year!  It is a full coverage foundation without feeling heavy or “makeup-y”.  It gives a luminous finish, the name probably gave that one away.  I love how it makes my skin look healthy and slightly glowing.  This works best for normal, combination and dry skin.

MAC Pro Longwear Concealer: I can’t count how many years I have been using this concealer.  My sister told me to buy it I think 6 or 7 years ago.  It is an amazing concealer and also doubles as an eyeshadow primer if you want.


MAC Prep & Prime Highlighter:  I use this in shade ‘radiant rose’ in my under eye area before applying my concealer.  This helps to protect the delicate under eye skin, provides more hours of non-creasing concealer and it gives a healthy glow (making everyone think you got a full nights rest even if you didn’t).

Urban Decay Primer Potion: Any time I am applying a heavier eye makeup look I always use this primer. When I use this my eyeshadow does not move for an entire day.  I’m talking 15 hours later and my eye makeup still hasn’t moved.

Urban Decay ‘Chill’ Makeup setting spray: After applying all of my makeup I always set the entire look with this makeup setting spray.  It gives a healthy look to the skin while keeping my makeup from moving all day.

best lips

Too Faced ‘Better than Sex’ Mascara: My favorite mascara ever!  It lengthens, volumizes and just makes my lashes look awesome.  Check out this instagram photo I recently posted wearing the mascara.

Dior ‘Incognito’ Lipstick & NARS ‘Turkish Delight’ Lipgloss: My fave lipstick and lipgloss all year, especially when worn together.  The Dior lipstick is so creamy and it’s this perfect nude with a touch of pink color (no brown!).  And NARS revamped their formula on their lip glosses and they are so much better.  You get the perfect ‘turkish delight’ color we have all loved for years, but with a better improved formula.

best contour

Anastasia Contour Kit: I got really into contour this year and was determined to find the perfect contour. This palette is awesome because it gives you 3 contour colors and 3 highlight colors.  Whether it’s summer time and I have a tan or super pale in the winter I will always have the right shade without having to go out and get something new.  I also love how little product I have to use.  Just a little tap of my brush and it’s enough to contour with.  Also I have to mention how easy the contour powder blends, which is very important to creating a natural looking contour.

NARS Ita Contour brush:  This brush is another must item to creating the perfect contour.  It’s super easy to use and gives me the perfect, natural looking contour every time.

best blush highlight

Becca Highlighter:  If you want to look like you are glowing from within, or maybe just stepped out of heaven, then you want this highlighter.  They color is so gorgeous!  I have it in both ‘opal’ and ‘moonstone’.  In the winter I get really pasty pale and ‘opal’ can some times be a little dark on me depending on what kind of makeup look I’m wearing.  So I usually grab for ‘moonstone’ or mix them together to create my perfect shade.

MAC Mineralized blush ‘New Romance’: Mac mineralized blush is an amazing formula.  I completely fell in love with the color ‘new romance’ last year.  It’s the perfect color of pinkish peach.  When applied it looks so natural.  I don’t really like to see the color of my blush sitting on my cheeks.  This just looks like my cheeks have natural color in them.


There are so many fashions that I have loved in 2014.  Instead of going into which fashions were my favorite, here is a fun photo collage of my favorite outfits, moments and photo shoots I did.

best of 2014

Thank you so much for coming along with me on this journey.  I have enjoyed every minute of it!  And I couldn’t be here writing this blog without you, thank you!  Here is to another amazing year!  I can’t wait to see where 2015 takes me!


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  1. Awesome as usual… can i please please ask a question again? I would love to know the bracelet that looks like a bar braclet of some sort that your sister wears? Ive asked so many times and no answer, i love you both!!!

  2. I was curious about your thoughts on paula’s (the cosmetic cop) opinions on skin care? She rates a lot of fresh’s products as poor or average. Same with glam glow. Makes me hesitant to get them!

  3. Absolutely LOVE your blog. I’m looking forward to adding a few of your favorites to my collection. Question for you…the Seaberry Oil by Fresh, is it more hydrating than the Josie Maran Argan Oil? That is what I’ve used before. Can you compare the two? I would love your expert opinion before I go out and purchase.

  4. Would you say you prefer the Dr. Brandt eye cream over the Fresh Black Tea eye cream you currently use? I want to get a new eye cream to help with fine lines and dark circles (I’m 24) and so I was wondering what you would recommend!

    Thanks, Love your blog <3

    1. I would say if your first concern is fine lines and 2nd concern is dark circles, go with Fresh black tea eye cream. If your concerns is the opposite order, then go with Dr Brandt.

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