3 Easy Steps for the Perfect Lip

rachel barkules pink lip

Say good bye to your lipstick “feathuring” onto your face and hello to perfect perky lips.  No matter what color you want on your lips, follow these 3 easy steps to get the perfect lip every time!

creating the perfect lip

creating the perfect lip

Step 1 – Concealer
Using my concealer brush with a small amount of concealer, I make back and forth motions along the outside edges of my lower lip.  I focus on swiping my brush up to make my lips look perky.  I don’t use my concealer brush along the middle of the lower lip, only the outside.  This will help create a full bottom lip.

creating the perfect lip

creating the perfect lip

Step 2 – Lip Liner
This is the only lipliner I use for all of my lipsticks.  It’s a clear wax lipliner from OCC.  The clear wax creates a barrier on the edge of the lip, so the lipstick can not “feather” onto the face.  Apply to top and bottom lip.  You don’t have to be perfect with this, it can be a little messy and it won’t make a difference in the final look.

creating the perfect lip

creating the perfect lip gerard cosmetics all dolled up

creating the perfect lip gerard cosmetics raspberry sherbet

Step 3 – Lipstick + Lipgloss
Apply the lipstick carefully, it’s going to be exactly where you put it for several hours.  Make sure the lipstick is even and don’t apply to much, we don’t want it to look cakey or come off on your teeth.  Lipgloss is optional.  I love the look of a glossy lip and I like the extra moisture.

creating the perfect lip

Concealer Brush: Morphe S26
OCC Clear Lipliner available at Nordstrom, Sephora and Amazon
Lipstick: Gerard Cosmetics ‘All Dolled Up’, Lipgloss: Gerard Cosmetics ‘Raspberry Sherbet’, use code rachel for 25% off sitewide.

rachel barkules pink lips

rachel barkules pink lip


4 thoughts on “3 Easy Steps for the Perfect Lip

  1. Love that colour! So beautiful! :) I was just wondering if you had advice on little lumps on the skin? I’m sorry if you have written about this in previous posts but I couldn’t remember which one. On my forehead I get little bumps and it’s not so much blemishes as they don’t amount to anything but I wish they would go away so foundation and my skin in general would look nice and smoother. I use Philosophy’s Purity and St Ives face scrub and I love them but it doesn’t seem to get rid of the bumps? Sorry for the long question. Love your blog! :)

    Thank you!! Lucy x


  2. You look beautiful! that color was made for you! thanks for your always helpful tips and updates xoxo

  3. OMG! Rachel! This is so helpful! And I agree, that color looks divine on you. Thank you for your amazing posts. =]

  4. Hi Rachel!
    I was wondering what concealer brush it is that you use? I like how it’s a bit larger than your typical concealer brush!


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