Why Using a Facial Mask is So Important

facial maskA facial mask is a step that is so often over looked and forgotten.  But it is a step that we all should be regularly doing.  A facial mask is a powerful step that delivers to the skin exactly what it needs.  I like to think of it as the hidden gem to great skin.

There are sooooo many different types of masks, all for different purposes.  I look at my skin and determine what it needs.  Does it look dry?  dull?  tired?  clogged or congested?  Then I use a mask according to my skins needs.

I like to use a mask 1-2 times a week.  This keeps my skin looking fresh and glowing.  A couple months back I was very busy and I forgot to mask for several weeks.  My skin looked so dry, dull and blah I hardly recognized it.  This is when I really realized just how important it is to regularly use a facial mask.

Lately I have been obsessing over sheet masks.  I especially love them to help with my dry skin.  You apply the sheet mask to your face, let it sit for 15-25 minutes.  Then when you remove the sheet off your face massage all the goodness into your skin, do not rinse off.  I can see a noticeable difference in my skin looking more dewy, hydrated, plump and glowing.  I have been obsessed with this hydrating brightening sheet mask.  I just repurchased this mask in this set and have been loving the other masks too!

For a quicker hydrating mask I like to use Fresh Rose face mask or Peter Thomas Roth rose stem cell, I prefer to get this mask in this set (the other masks that come with it are awesome too!).  These are both so gentle they can be used every day if needed.

I like to use Fresh Black Tea Instant Perfecting mask when my skin looks tired and old.  It firms, plumps and gives my skin a more rested look.  It also helps the overall texture and complexion of my skin.  If my skin is looking really rough, I will use this mask then follow with a hydrating mask.

I can’t talk about facial masks without talking about GlamGlow, they are my ride or die when it comes to masks.  I haven’t used a mask of theirs that I don’t like.  They have 6 masks, all for different skin needs and they all work amazingly!  My favorite is the PowerMud Dual Cleanse mask.  It starts off as a mud mask, which deep cleans and pulls out any build up and impurities.  Then you massage it off with wet hands and it turns into an oil.  Giving your skin a deep hydration.

How to Mask?  Start with cleansing your skin.  I like to use my Clarisonic Mia 2.  Then depending on what mask you are going to use you can exfoliate before you mask.  Always read the instructions of the mask you are using.  If you should not exfoliate first, it will say so.  If it doesn’t say it, you can exfoliate first.  I like to exfoliate before I mask.  This way the mask is more effective for my skin.

Follow each mask instructions for how long to leave on, how to rinse (or not rinse) off.  Follow with moisturizer.  I prefer to mask at night before bed.  This way I can layer on all my beauty oil and moisturizer.  I let it all soak in for about an hour before going to bed.  Then way up with gorgeous skin!

Thank you Sephora for collaborating with me on this post

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  1. Thanks Rachel for tips! I Have been thinking about becoming a Esthetician but I’m not sure how I can go about doing so? Please reply ????

  2. I love masks and the idea of using a mask for your skin’s different needs! Your mask recommendations are very helpful!

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