Sofia’s Style

mini boden rickrack tulle skirt

casual style

Sofia has always been a really girly girl when it comes to what she wears.  But first and foremost above anything, her clothes have to be comfortable and feel good (which has always been a bit of a challenge)!  In the last 6 months I haven’t really known what style of clothes to buy her.  She has been growing out of all the little girl clothes, like styles she wore when she was 3 or 4.  But we haven’t quite figured out what her style is as an 8 year old pre-tween.

A little over 2 weeks ago my sister, Jaclyn, took the 3 nieces shopping at Nordstrom for some new clothes.  They got to pick things out, then try it all on.  There was so much giggling and fun :)  I especially loved the day because Sofia ran around the kids department and picked out things she liked.  I helped her style them and together we put together outfits she really loves.

She is so happy and proud of her new outfits she asked me if we could take “blog post pictures”.  Awww, so cute!  She has always been so camera shy I was surprised she asked this.  I think it’s so adorable she wanted to model her new outfits!  She got really into it and we got so many great pictures.  I’m sharing 2 of the outfits today and I’ll share the rest next week. Hope you enjoy!

casual look

Top | Tucker & Tate Leggings | Steve Madden Shoes

This outfit was a huge hit!  Tucker and Tate makes the softest leggings!  After she wore this outfit I also ordered them in some solid colors (larger sizes here, here & here).  All 3 of the girls were obsessed with these shoes!  They call them the “emoji shoes”.  They do run small, order 1 size up.

tutu skirt

Peek Sweatshirt | Mini Boden Skirt | Michael Kors Shoes

I love the look of a fancy girly skirt, with a casual top and sneakers.  It makes it more realistic and wearable for a young girl.  She felt so fancy and pretty in this outfit!  I’m completely obsessed with the gold jeweled polka dots on the skirt!  She has had these shoes for a few months now, they are her most worn shoes to school.  They are very comfortable and have held up very well (she is very rough on her shoes).  So for these shoes to still look new says a lot!

View the post to see all the pictures :)

steve madden Jcobrah high top sneakers

pre tween style

sofia's style


tucker & tate leggings

tucker & tate leggings

mini boden tulle skirt

peek good mood crew sweatshirt

steve madden sneakers

girls leggings

mini boden rickrack tulle skirt

Thank you Nordstrom for collaborating with me on this post

7 thoughts on “Sofia’s Style

  1. Such a lovely post Rachel, it made me smile so much! :) Sofia’s becoming a beautiful young lady and the photos are adorable! Lots of love to your fam bam! xx

    Klaudia //

  2. She’s so adorable and I can’t wait to see the other outfits next week! Like you said on your Snapchat, you guys really did get so many great photos of her :) She’s beautiful just like her mama and I hope this continues into the future so we can see how her style changes and grows, so fun!

  3. Okay so Sofia you belong on a fashion magazine darling!! You are just a little queen rocking those poses for the camera! I love the style! It captures her cute and youthful self. It shows in these photos! I hope to see more of this little style princess on the blog! Thanks for sharing Rachel!

    lots of love… Sydney

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