My Skincare VIP’s

skin care VIP's

Fresh Soy Cleanser / Fresh Seaberry Oil / Fresh Lotus Cream / Fresh Black-Tea Age Delay Eye Cream / Clarisonic Mia 2 / Fresh Sugar Lip Therapy / Urban Decay Chill Makeup Setting Spray

These are all skincare items that I absolutely love so much.  I may venture out and try something new, but I always come back to these products.  The fact that I keep coming back time and time again and can’t find anything better is what makes them my VIP’s.

Fresh Soy Face Cleanser:  This cleanser is for all skin types.  It gently removes makeup, dirt, oil and thoroughly cleanses the skin.  Most cleansers are not also makeup removers or safe to use on the eye area, but this one is.  Even at night I only have one step to getting off all my makeup and cleaning my skin.  I could have a very dark smoky eye, I still only need to use this cleanser and warm water and my skin is clean.

Fresh Seaberry Oil:  I have used many different beauty oils, I have enjoyed all of them, but this one still remains my favorite.  First off, the smell is heavenly!  Depending on how dry my skin is, I use a few drops or more and massage into my skin.  This oil is so hydrating, making my skin soft and glowing.  I personally apply only at night, but you can also use this as your morning moisturizer as well.

Fresh Lotus Cream:  It doesn’t matter what season of the year it is, this is my favorite daytime moisturizer.  It’s hydrating, creamy and feels lightweight, and leaves the perfect finish to my skin to apply my makeup.

skincare VIP's

Fresh Black-Tea Age Delay Eye Cream:  I used this eye cream several years ago and just recently repurchased it.  I was trying to find a less expensive eye cream I liked just as much, but was unsuccessful.  One place I am always willing to spend a little extra is on an eye cream.  The eye area is so delicate and it’s the first place to get wrinkles and show age.  I want to prevent wrinkles and aging as much as possible.  This eye cream prevents and diminishes lines and wrinkles, firms, hydrates, illuminates, reduces dark circles and puffiness.  It really does do all of this!  You will noticed a difference right away!

Clarisonic Mia 2:  I’ve been using a clarisonic for about 2 years and it really does make a difference.  Last fall I started to question if my clarisonic was actually making an improvement in my skin, so I stopped using it for a few weeks.  During that time I got texture/small bumps on my face, blackheads and minor breakouts.  Sooo yeah, it does make a difference!  I like to use the cashmere brush head.  I think it’s more moisturizing than the sensitive brush head, while still being sensitive and giving me a deep clean.

Fresh Sugar Lip Therapy:  Let’s not forget our lips.  This lip therapy is so creamy and smooth.  I apply at night before bed or any time during the day I need added moisture.  This keeps my lips soft and kissable. It is also available in several tinted colors.

Many of the Fresh products I love are in this limited edition gift set.

Urban Decay Chill Setting Spray:  When I spend so much time taking care of my skin, then putting on my makeup, I use Urban Decay chill makeup setting spray to keep everything in place and glowing.  Think of this as hair spray for your makeup.  It will hold your makeup in place for up to 16 hours without melting or settling into fine lines.  The chill setting spray gives a hydrated dewy look.  For a more natural look try the All-Nighter setting spray.  For oily skin try the Urban Decay oil control de-slick makeup setting spray.

When you purchase skincare at Nordstrom you can try it and if you don’t like it you can always return it.  Thank you Nordstrom for collaborating with me on this post.

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15 thoughts on “My Skincare VIP’s

  1. I recently purchased the Fresh Soy Cleanser as well as the Lotus cream because of how much you’ve raved about them, and I absolutely LOVE them both! Thank you!! Do you use another moisturizer in the morning with SPF?

  2. Hi Rachel, I just purchased the Lotus moisturizer and the dr. brandt microdermabrasion per your recommendation. They are fantastic! Do you have a favorite toner that you use? I haven’t used a toner in over 15 years. I have dry skin. Also, any thoughts on a product that can help lighten dark spots and brighten skin? I just recently found your blog and have enjoyed reading your posts. You are beautiful inside and out!

    1. I don’t typically use a toner. If I do I use the one from Lush. For lightening dark spots and brightening the skin use Cane & Austin retexurizing pads. They work wonders!

    1. There is nothing in the lotus cream that should irritate acne prone skin. I would try a small amount in a small area for a few days and see if there is a reaction before putting it on your whole face.

    1. I haven’t personally used it, so I can’t give much of an opinion. It does look very interesting and I’m intrigued by the fact they claim you can use in around the eye area.

  3. Hi Rachel! Can the fresh seaberry oil be used after a moisturizer, like the Josie Maran Argan Oil? I have always had extremely oily skin and am currently experiencing dry skin for the first time so I am very new to beauty oils!

  4. To what frequency do you use the Clarisonic during your routine (everyday, every other, etc.)?? Thank you!!

  5. Hi Rachel! I’ve been loving the Fresh brand and all your recommendations! I just got the Lotus Cream and I’m loving it.

    Question for the skin specialist:
    I have dry skin, always. But lately I’ve gotten this dry, red, and kind of peeling patch of skin all around my chin area and around my lower lip. It’s as if that area got sunburnt. What would you suggest to treat it? And what do you think it could be? This may sound crazy, but I starting using a new toothpaste it’s the Crest Whitening line, could that be drying out my skin? Help!

    1. There are drying products in the crest whitening line, but I doubt that is the cause. It’s possible your skin is going thru a change. It sounds like sensitive skin, possibly eczema. Gently cleanse twice a day and apply moisturizer. If it doesn’t change in a couple days let me know.

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