Saturday Morning Lounging

christmas pj's

What I’m wearing: Sweater | Pj Leggings | Slippers | Mug

I loooove Saturday morning so much!!  It’s the thing I look forward to most during my whole week.  We sleep in then lounge around in our pj’s for hours.  I casually drink my (hot) coffee!  It feels so good to just be with my family without having to rush off somewhere.  It completely rejuvenates me for the entire week.

I recently have been very serious about my loungwear.  I’ve always really enjoyed loungewear & sleepwear, but I have been even more obsessed with it this past month.  I think because my life is the busiest right now that it has ever been.  So when I am home I need to be comfy cozy.

If you haven’t tried Ugg slippers you need to!  They are the best slippers!  I got John a pair for Christmas last year.  He loved them so much.  But he had to fight me for them because I kept stealing them :)  So this year I got myself a pair.  I love that they have a sole on them so I can take my dog outside while still wearing them.  After I purchased my pair I saw that this pair came out and I’m just as obsessed with them!

On to loungwear… I seriously can’t say enough about how much loungewear I am loving right now!  Love this faux fur wrap, this poncho and this robe.   And how cute are these over the knee socks!  I have been eye balling this blanket for a while now, I could get real cozy real quick in this!

ugg slippers

christmas pj's

christmas tree

ugg slipper bootie

ugg slipper bootie

christmas pjs

Thank you Nordstrom for collaborating with me on this post

2 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Lounging

  1. I love looking at your cute clothes/outfits every but I think today’s tops them all. I love this pic of you and your little ones by the tree. You look so happy. Have a beautiful holiday.

  2. Love these PJ leggings! Too cute! You should do a post on how you take your blog photos. Every always looks so happy and natural!

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