Ready For the Weekend

ready for the weekend

Socialite Top, also love this (ordering it today!) | Frame Shorts | Stuart Weitzman Wedges, just ordered these for $39 (similar) | Celine Bag, similar Here | Baublebar Earrings | Bracelet (on sale, 50% off) | Givenchy Sunglasses | BP. Hat (only $28!)

I wore this outfit on Saturday to the parade.  Every year our town does a parade.  They shut down the main street and the whole town comes out.  The kids were so excited they had trouble sleeping for days.

I wanted to wear something comfortable and airy, it was hot that day.  This top is so airy and breathable I was very comfortable in 90 degrees.  I normally size up when getting anything from the junior department.  But the small fit perfect (my normal size in tops).

I wore these flat sandals to walk to the parade.  We walked probably 2 miles that day and they were very comfortable.  Then I changed into my wedges to go to lunch.

I have been on the hunt for the perfect cut off shorts since early March.  I was looking for a pair for spring break, didn’t find any.  I continued to look for the perfect pair for summer.  I have probably ordered and tried on 20 pairs.  I was determined to find a pair under $100.  But my body shape needs a very specific cut when it comes to denim.

I finally bit the bullet and ordered shorts by Frame.  I looooove their jeans, so I was hoping I would also love their shorts.  To be completely honest, I thought the price was ridiculous!  How can anyone charge so much for such little fabric?

The second they were on my body I was instantly in love!  They are comfortable and flattering!  Which is not easy for me to say!  I am bigger on bottom with a very round butt, hips, saddle bags & love handles (to put it all out there and not have any secrets with you!).

So basically I’m saying I feel like they are worth the price.  For me to wear a pair of shorts is a really big deal!  I haven’t worn shorts in years because I have been to insecure about my body.  So if you feel the same as me, I would recommend investing in a great quality pair of shorts that makes you feel amazing and sexy.

I know I am very talkative today, but I have 1 more tip I want to talk about.  I am very average height, 5’4”, with a body shape of short legs and long torso.  One of my biggest challenges is to make my legs look longer.  Wearing shorts on the shorter side and nude wedges gives the illusion of much longer legs.  And the taller the wedge the longer your legs will look!  Wearing these wedges with these shorts I felt like I had the length of legs I have always dreamed of.

Socialite Cold Shoulder Swing Top

Socialite Cold Shoulder Swing Top

Socialite Cold Shoulder Swing Top

Frame 'Le Cutoff' Denim Shorts

Frame 'Le Cutoff' Denim Shorts


BP. Oversize Packable Straw Hat

rachel barkules

cold shoulder top, white

11 thoughts on “Ready For the Weekend

  1. You look great!!! First thing i thought was DAMN Rachel looks skinny! Your legs look great! You definitely shouldn’t be self conscious about them, show them off girl!

  2. Looking incredible, I’m obsessed with the hat! Have an amazing weekend lovely! xx

    Klaudia //

  3. Rachel what size are the shorts ? You are the 4th person who loves them , I think it’s time to order !!

    1. I’m wearing size 27, that is my normal size in jeans. I typically size up in shorts. I ordered the 27 & 28, the 28 was way to big in the waist and the 27 was perfect.

  4. thank you for this post! it came at the perfect time as I have been grappling with my own insecurities about lower body weight(i.e. hips, thighs, saddlebags…thanks for those, mom!). I have the exact same body shape and I get SO insecure about it. This is the first year I really feel like I don’t want to wear shorts. I always love the look of cutoffs…just not sure those are in my budget. they look fab on you though! the hunt for the ever-elusive inexpensive cutoffs continues…
    as you know, it’s always hard to find pants, shorts, etc that fit in the hips and also at the waist. any suggestions for brands that fit the curvy girl well?

    1. My favorite brands for denim are Frame (absolute fave!), Paige, J Brand, Joe’s. I will search on Nordstrom’s website and see if any are on sale. Lot’s of times I can get them 30-40% off. Also, if you find a pair of denim that fits the butt and hips but are to big in the waist, that is an easy fix for a tailor. They take in the waist and it shouldn’t cost more than $10.

    2. Thank you, thank you for the tips! Why didn’t I consider the tailor?! Duh. I don’t mind investing in more pricey jeans because they last and what’s better than a killer pair of jeans?! It’s the shorts I have a hard time justifying

  5. We could be body twins Rachel. I’m 5’6″ and I’ve had 3 kids. It’s so easy to cover up and flatter your stomach area if its not quite where you want it to be, but you’re right about legs. If it’s unbearable heat and you hate shorts, you suffer through the heat in maxi dresses or pants. I hate my legs! These shorts look like they still may be too short for my comfort level but I’m going to have to try them.

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