#NSale Loungwear & Activewear Try-On

the laundry room All You Need Sweatshirt

‘Love & Coffee’ Sweatshirt | Shorts

This brand of loungewear is soooooo soft and comfortable!  Their fabrics are amazing and they last so long.  I can wear and wash them for a year and they still look brand new.

In loungewear & pj’s I always buy a M in bottoms and S in top.  My lower half is bigger than my top.  Plus I like my loungewear to be very comfortable.

the laundry room And Then Brunch Sweatshirt

‘And Then, Brunch’ Sweatshirt | Shorts

Same shorts as before, I love the way they look with this sweatshirt too.  This sweatshirt is the same brand as before.  Both are so soft and comfortable!  I’m wearing a M in bottoms and S in top in lounger/pj’s.

Brunette Heart Jogger Pants

Heart Jogger Sweatpants | V-Neck Tee

SWEATPANTS: These pants are true sweatpants!  They are thicker and sooo soft on the inside.  These make me want to cozy up on the couch with a movie and glass of wine and never move.  I’m totally obsessed and will be wearing these constantly every minute I am home.

V-NECK TEE: This tee has been a staple that I am already wearing constantly.  I wore it so much in yesterday’s try-on post.  It’s great quality, so soft and only $15.  It runs bigger and more slouchy, I sized down to an XS.

chaser love sweatshirt & lounge joggers

Love Sweatshirt | Sweatpants

Such a cute set!  These are on the thinner side, but not to thin where you can see thru them or see to much of your body (I’m referring to my cellulite on the back on my legs).  Just very light weight and cozy!  Again, wearing M on bottom and S on top.

the laundry room Lounge Pants

Lounge Pants | V-Neck Tee

LOUNG PANTS: These pants are amazing!!!  I bought a pair a year ago, wear them several times a week.  I was so excited to see they are on the sale, I picked up a second pair.  I wear these around the house, or out to run errands.  I own these in 2 sizes, small & medium. I  like to have both sizes so I can wear whatever I’m feeling that day.  The small gives me a slimmer, more put together jogger/casual look.  The medium is just to be comfortable and lazy.  I’m wearing a M in this picture.

Same tee as before.

Cozy Zoe Graphic Jersey Sleep Shirt

Sleep Shirt

SLEEP SHIRT: I loooooove sleep shirts!  I seriously can’t get enough.  It’s what I wear to bed every night.  This one is so soft I bought every color.  I’m wearing size M.

barefoot dreams Cozychic Lite Coastal Hooded Cardigan

Barefoot Dreams Cardigan | Ripped Leggings | V-Neck Tee

CARDIGAN: Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!  I love anything Barefoot Dreams.  Literally obsessed!  I have several of their cardigans, their pants, socks and blankets.  Nothing is more comfy cozy than Barefoot Dreams!!!  I typically wear a size S in Barefoot Dreams cardigans.  But I decided to size up to a M for extra bagginess and coziness.  I felt like having it more oversized.

LEGGINGS:  These leggings remind me of my Alo ripped leggings, with a smaller price.  I love a ripped legging!  These run true to size, I’m wearing a Small.

Same tee as before.

day bra

Top Row | Bottom Row

I loooooooooooove sleep/day bras!!!!!!  Every day when I get home I rip my bra off immediately!  I do not like wearing a bra.  But I learned the hard way that I can’t go braless to long of a time without gravity and natural working against me.  Enter the day bra!  It gives you support but it feels like I’m wearing nothing!  Honestly, this little bra has been a miracle to me!

TOP ROW BRAS: This style is brand new to me.  It has a little bit more padding than the ones on the bottom row.  With the same softness and comfort.  I can’t wait to try this new style.

BOTTOM ROW BRAS: This style I have been wearing for years!  I can not live a day without them. These are so comfortable I can sleep in them.  These bras are sent from heaven!

nike free flyknit

Work Out Tank | Leggings | Nike Sneakers

TANK: This tank is very lightweight and breathable.  I actually wore it to work out today and it felt great!  It comes in blue and black.  I typically wear all black to work out.  Mixing it up with some blue. (as if that is such a huge deal, I mean blue is practically the same thing as black :) ) Runs true to size, wearing a small.

LEGGINGS: These leggings feel amazing!!!!  I have to say, I never understood how work out leggings can cost $100.  I didn’t get it.  I have always purchase inexpensive work out gear.  Until I started working out a lot.  I decided to give nicer work out gear a try.  Now I get it!  Better quality work out leggings fit better, breath better and are waaaaay more comfortable.  Leggings like these take you from the gym straight into your day.  And they make your figure look great!  Run true to size, wearing a small.

SNEAKERS: I love Nike’s for working out.  This style is one of my favorites.  And of course, I got them in black.  I always wear a thin no show sock, so I by my normal shoe size (8.5).  If you plan on wearing a thicker sock I recommend size up 1/2 size.

Zella Impulse Sports Bra

Work Out Tank | Sports Bra | Leggings

TANK: I love the open back of this tank to show off this cute sports bra.  This tank is a great material that is lightweight and breathable.  Runs true to size, wearing size small.

BRA: Love the criss cross of this bra in the back.  It’s very soft and comfortable to wear.  I would say it gives medium support.  I bought the size small (my normal size), the band around my chest is big.  I’m returning this size and getting the x-small.

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  1. Thank you for trying these on! I went and got a bunch of stuff yesterday because of you!

  2. In your SnapChat you said there was a pair of leggings that reminded you of your Alo ones. Did i dream that or…? I would love a more affordable moto legging alternative!! Can’t wait for the sale to open to the public thanks to you! I’m not a huge Nordstrom shopper but now I am excited!

  3. I already bought the Love and Coffee sweater bc #obviously but now I’ve added like 6 more things to my cart from this post haha. Keep doing what you’re doing girl! ❤️

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