Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2015 Details

nordstrom anniversary sale 2015

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is my favorite sale of the whole year!!!  They do it every year in July.  As soon as I know the date I mark my calendar so I can shop it on the first day.

Why is it so amazing?  Nordstrom brings in brand new fall merchandise and it’s immediately on sale.  You are able to shop all the fall fashion early at a discount.  Included in the sale are brands and items that never ever go on sale, products like Clarisonic and your favorite brand of jeans.  When the sale is done all the prices go back up to full price.

Details of the sale:

  • July 9th-16th Early Access for Nordstrom Reward Member.
  • July 17th-August 2nd Sale is open to the public.
  • Prices go back up to full price on August 3rd.
  • “Reward Member” means you have a Nordstrom credit card or debit card, and you have to use that credit card/debit card at the time of your purchase during the Members only shopping days.  You can open a Nordstrom card at any store or online at
  • Nordstrom has “Members Only Exclusives”.  These are items that only Members will be allowed to purchased during the Members only shopping days (July 9th-16th).
  • Double Points for card holders July 9th-19th.
  • What’s on sale?  Brand new fall merchandise in every department of the store!
  • They also get special edition, exclusive to Nordstrom beauty products and kits.  Including: MAC, Clarisonic, Bobbi Brown, NARS and more!
  • All sale prices go back up to regular price on August 3rd (whatever isn’t sold out).
  • All stores open early on the first day of the sale.  Check your local store for what time.  All the sale items will be on the website at Midnight PST.  You better believe I am waiting up!!!

How I shop the sale:

  1. I always go online first and check everything out before going to the store.  Stores don’t carry every item and I don’t want to miss anything.  If there is a must have on my list I order it online right away.  I don’t want to take the chance of it selling out and missing it.
  2. I think about my wardrobe and any gaps it has for fall/winter.  Do I need a new fall jacket or winter coat?  New boots?  Sweaters?
  3. I also think about essentials I need.  Underwear, Pj’s, workout clothes/shoes, denim.
  4. When I’m shopping online I use the filters to find exactly what I’m looking for.
  5. Then I shop what is on trend for fall.  I always get a few trendy pieces to mix in with my current wardrobe.  I search thru everything that is on sale to see if there is anything fun I “need”.
  6. I add anything and everything in my cart that I want.  After I am done shopping I go thru my cart and edit what I am going to purchase.  Anything I don’t purchase I click “save for later”.  This way I can easily come back later and find that item if I decide I want it.
  7. Nordstrom offers free shipping and free returns on all orders.  It’s a little too easy to place orders :)
  8. After I have done my online shopping I always visit the store.  Things always look different in person.  It’s easy to pass over something online that looks incredible in person.

You can view the sneak peak catalog here.   This is just a preview of what will be on sale, there will be tons more!  I will post all my favorites of the sale here on my blog on Thursday.

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  1. I’m so excited for the sale – it’s seriously one of my favorite events of the summer! My catalog is looking a little tattered and worn by now because I’ve looked through it so much. Can’t wait to see your favorite items!

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