Mom Appreciation

I love Mother’s Day. I know all year long I should show my appreciation to my mom. But some times I get so busy I forget to stop and say to my mom “thank you and I love you”. It wasn’t until I had my own kids that I started to understand and realize what my mom has done for me. All of the sacrifices and selflessness that goes into being a mom is incomparable to anything else. Most days I am a maid, cook, teacher, driver, etc, all on less than 6 hours of interrupted sleep. It is the most thankless job that most of the time goes unnoticed, but it is the most rewarding. At night when I’m tucking my kids into bed and they say “I love you mommy! You are the best mommy ever!”, everything I did all day was worth it.

To all the moms out there with babies, toddlers and little ones; I know you are exhausted and feeling impatient. I know you feel like all you do is get after your kids, tell them no and raise your voice. I know you dream of a full nights sleep without being woken up, and a cup of coffee fully drank before it gets cold. Being a mom is the least glamorous job ever. Most days you are dealing with spit up, throw up, poop, pee, runny noses, sticky hands, food smeared everywhere, a dirty house, tantrums, yelling and screaming, crying (you and the kids), whining and complaining, you haven’t showered and you’re still in your pj’s at 3:00pm. Who ever says it’s not hard work has not had children. Just know, that you are your kids hero. They love you more than they can tell you (because they don’t have the vocabulary for it yet) and you are doing a great job! Take in the small moments and enjoy them with a full heart. I love it when my son picks me a dandelion. Or when my daughter colors me a picture. And especially when they hug me and tell me they love me. Try to roll with the chaos. Haha! Just as I’m writing this, the back door was left open and a bee flew into the house. Oh well!

As for my mom, I will never out grow my mom. I am a grown woman with my own family and I still need my mom. I randomly text her or call her with questions. She still gives me advice and answers my questions. Last summer she was staying at my house and I was complaining that I wanted to plant some flowers but I had no idea how. She took me to Lowe’s and helped me pick out flowers and helped me plant them. With my moms help my backyard was transformed into something much more beautiful. I couldn’t have done it without her help.

My mom is the person responsible for the woman I am today. She raised me with strong morals and values. She taught me strength and compassion. She taught me to work hard always, then have fun – a lot of fun!  She was silly and goofy, at the same time teaching me manners, elegance and grace.  Because of her I feel equipped to raise my own children. She is the most amazing woman I have ever met. I feel honored that she is my mom and that I was raised by such an amazing woman.

Treat your mom extra special today. Give her a big hug and kiss, give her flowers, make her breakfast, do something special. Most importantly, tell her “I love you”!

I love you mom! Thank you for everything you have done and everything you do!

Happy Mother’s Day to all you AMAZING Momma’s!!!!!!!! What you do is amazing!!!
Sending so much love!! xoxo

I wanted to give you a few pictures of me and my mom, me with my kids, my mom with my kids; and it became a little excessive.  I couldn’t help myself!

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  1. Thank you Rachel! This means the world to me. I will covet your words :) There are happy tears in my eyes. Your are an amazing mommy and don’t ever forget that. We all love you dearly. Happy Mothers Day!! <3 <3 <3

  2. Happy Mother’s Day Rachel! Thank you for taking the time out of your Mother’s Day to leave a blog post!

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