Meet the Family

It’s so weird writing a post about me.  I almost don’t know what to say… I’m never the center of attention.  So here it goes.


About Me- I live in a nothern suburb of Chicago with my husband, John, and 2 kids, Sofia and Caleb.  I consider myself a full time mom, although I work part time as a Trunk Keeper for Matilda Jane Clothing (and now blogging!).  I have always loved skin care, make up and anything to do with beauty.  Even as a teenager I was always buying new make up and skin care products, trying them out and telling my friends what I thought.


It only seemed natural to take the path of something I love, so 8 years ago I got my esthetician license.  Life quickly got in the way with trying to have a baby, so I never professionally worked in the field.  I have expressed my love of skin care as a hobby.


As much as I love beautiful things and getting all dressed up and feeling pretty, I spend most of my days in my sweaty work out clothes.  It works for my schedule to work out at 9am, then I have to immediately pick up Sofia from school, maybe run a quick errand, come home and give the kids lunch, play with them, lay Caleb down for a nap and then I get to shower at 2pm.  So for about 4 hours- YUCK!  If you ever see me out and about on a weekday morning you probably won’t recognize me.  I look like a frazzled dirty mess of a person who just crawled out from under a bridge to join society.


About my kids- My daughter, Sofia, is 5 and in her last year of preschool.  She is full of energy and doesn’t stop moving or talking from the minute she wakes up till the moment she falls asleep at night.  She loves an audience!  Any time she gets to perform or we have guests over she becomes a huge show off!  She must think the entire world is her stage.  She is ultra creative and loves to create any kind of art project.  Some times I sit in the next room and just listen to her play.  There is always some dramatic story happening where the princess is falling to her death and the fairy swoops in to save her, but not before the dragon blows cookies on fire into the hot lava pit.  All the while the sister princess stole her dress and lipstick.  haha!  Such an imagination!


My son, Caleb is 2 and is just the opposite.  He is very easy going, laid back and extremely shy.  He is happy cuddling on my lap watching his favorite movie, Despicable Me.  He follows me around the house all day and clings to me where ever we go.  He does his own thing and would prefer no one to bother him.  He does not like strangers!  But for the few people he has let into his heart, he is so sweet and affectionate!  He hugs and kisses and giggles so sweetly!  He tells me he loves me at least 100 times a day.  If I sneeze, he says “bless you mommy.  are you ok?”  Today he held the door open for me as we walked into a store.  He is such a sweet heart!  But don’t get me wrong, he’s a 2 year old boy.  He’s stubborn, tries to be independent when he can, runs around, throws toys, hits his sister, gets mad at the food I serve him… ya know, 2 year old stuff!

rb2013-123rb2013-149 My Hubby- He is the love of my life!  We have been married for 10 years and I would marry him today all over again.  He is the calm half of me.  Without him I would be running around frantic and scatter brained all the time.  He is the best dad and the nicest, sweetest man you will ever meet.  And handsome!!  I really got a winner!  We are by no means a “perfect” couple.  In 10 years we have had our fair share of fights and bumps in the road.  The important thing is we always talk about it and work it out.  We make an adjustment if need be, and move forward.  At the end of the day, we are best friends.  Really!  We laugh and cry together.  We are happy on a Friday night going out on a fancy date, or sitting at home in our pj’s watching a movie and eating popcorn.  We love spending time together!  I still count the hours and minutes every day till he gets home from work.


Fun Facts-
Favorite Ice Cream:
Ben & Jerry’s Chubby Hubby
Best Friend (besides hubby):
My sister of course!  Even though we live 1300 miles apart, we talk almost every day and I can’t live without her!
Can’t live without make-up item:
MAC Lady Gaga Viva Glam lipgloss.  It was discontinued a few years ago and I stocked up.  I still haven’t run out and I use it all the time.
I can’t leave the house before:
Getting dressed.  Yup, I’ve really lowered my standard since becoming a mom of 2 :)
Favorite Drink:
Pinot Noir or Lemon Drop Martini
Guilty Pleasure:
Dessert all the time!
Favorite TV Shows:
Friends, All time fave!  Modern Family & New Girl, Current faves!


Aren’t the photos amazing?!?!  All the credit goes to the amazingly talented Aimee Eckert.  She is just as sweet as she is talented and a good friend of mine.  I have the privilege of her photographing my family every year.  You can check her out at