How to Apply Eye Cream

Starting with a cleansed face, I will be using Peter Thomas Roth Mega Rich Anti-Aging eye cream.  For a list of eye creams for every age, click here.

peter thomas roth eye cream

The under eye area is the thinnest skin on the body, always be very gentle and delicate when applying anything to the under eye area.  Using your ring fingers, gently dab from the outer corner of the eye to the inner corner.

eye cream on ring finger

applying eye cream with ring finger, outer corner to inner corner

I like to press the eye cream in 3 spots, outer corner, middle and inner corner.  Then gently press and dab your ring fingers under the eye area.  Never drag your fingers across the under eye area.

eye cream under the eye

applying eye cream

You can apply the eye cream as far out of the eye area as needed, making sure to cover up any fine lines or wrinkles you have.

eye cream on outer corner wrinkles

Do not apply eye cream on the eye lid. An eye cream is way to heavy to apply on the eye lid, and you will have trouble with creasing eye shadow the next day (people with eczema or similar skin problem on the eye lid are an exception to this). Also, do not apply beauty oils in the under eye area. Again, it is not meant to go there and will give you creasing in your make up the next day.

After applying your eye cream, you are ready for the rest of your night time routine on the rest of your face.  Then off to bed!  Time for our skin to rejuvenate!!


14 thoughts on “How to Apply Eye Cream

  1. I apply eye cream and oils to both my eye lids and under eye area and never have problems with my makeup creasing, in fact I have trouble getting my eye shadow to blend. I think it depends on your skin type. I’m in my late 40’s need all of the moisture I can get, hence why I apply both to my entire eye area.

  2. Can you please make skin care routines 50′ and 60′? My mom (probably all moms!) doesn’t read beauty blogs but she always asks me to buy products for her which is not easy for me. Anti aging products are much more expensive so I try to be more picky choosing stuff for her. Can you please suggest anti aging skin routines? Please!

  3. Like kmadsen65 I’ve been applying the oils to my undereye with no trouble but definitely not my eyelids ever! My skin is thirsty all the time that I still wake up dry! :(

  4. Thanks for posting this, I just turned 30 and know I need to start using an eye cream but wasn’t sure where to begin! Do you have any recommendations or tips for reducing redness on the cheek area? A small bit of mine is due to genetics and some little broken capillaries but some of it seems more like irritation. Thanks!

    1. What cleanser are you using? Some times redness on the cheeks is from to harsh of a cleanser and it’s just irritation.

      1. I’ve been use a Neutrogena cleanser at night to remove my make-up and in the morning I’ve just been using raw honey. That particular face wash is a new one for me but the redness has been around for a few months now.

        1. Try using Fresh soy face cleanser or First Aid Beauty face cleanser for both morning and night. This should help with the redness. Let me know how it goes :)

          1. I’ve been using the FAB cleanser for a couple weeks and the redness is noticeably reduced! Thanks so much for the recommendation!

  5. what if you have really dry eye area that shows up when you put on concealer? do you have a solution for this? thanks rachel.

    1. Use an eye cream every night. Then use a primer before applying concealer. This will put a protective barrier between your concealer and your skin, keeping it hydrated.

  6. What should we apply on the eye lid, if not eye cream? The moisturizer we apply on the face can go on the eye lid, or the eye lid doesn’t need moisture? I’m confused…

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