Winterize Your Skin Care Routine

Fall is such a beautiful time of year!  Leaves changing colors, crisp air, pumpkin lattes, time for cute boots and scarves…. then winter, UGH!!!!  Every year my skin barely makes it out of winter alive.  It’s only October and I can already feel my skin changing to complete dryness.  So its time to change-up my skin care routine.  Here is what I do to keep my skin glowing throughout the winter.

freshFirst step is cleansing the skin.  It’s important to select a cleanser that is not drying or stripping.  I love Fresh Soy Face Cleanser.  It’s very gentle on my skin, gets all my make up off and it gives me that clean feeling that I like.  Cleanse the entire face and neck, both morning and night.  The water temperature should always be luke warm.  Too hot is drying, and any extreme hot or cold is way to harsh on the skin.  Dab your skin dry, don’t scrub your towel across it.  Your towel does not double as an exfoliator.

I always get a lot of questions about toners.  What are they actually for?  Well, here is the truth.  The way toners are sold is by telling you that they put moisture back into the skin and balance out the ph.  But, if you are using a properly ph balanced cleanser that isn’t stripping your skin of all it’s moisture then you don’t need a toner.  Years back I used to act like a scientist testing the ph of many cleansers.  Skin ph is 5.5 so you want a cleanser that is close to that.  You can buy little strips that test the ph of anything.  Squirt some of your cleanser on the strip and botta bing!  You know if your cleanser is properly ph balanced.  Although I know all of this, about once a week I still get that urge to spritz on a toner.  It makes me feel like I’m in one of those commercials where the girl is splashing water across her face with such a feeling of clean, que the choir!  The toner that I am currently loving is by Lush, Breath of Fresh Air.

Moisturizers, my favorite part!!!  I have been using Bioelements Crucial Moisture for over a year, and I am still loving!  For something heavier in the winter I use Bioelements Really Rich Moisture at night.  And some times that’s not even enough.  After my moisturizer has completely soaked in, I put on pure Jose Maran Argan Oil (this is night-time only).  I look like I’m all oiled up ready for an amazing slip and slide experience.  But in the morning my skin will be soft and glowing!  Another step that should not be skipped is eye cream!  Prevention is key when it comes to skin care.  I would tell anyone over the age of 25 to be using an eye cream every night, but you’re never to young to start.  I am just about finished with my tube of Bioelements Multi-Task Eye Creme and I have loved every second of using it!  The eye area is the most delicate skin on the entire body.  So treat it right!  Use your ring finger and dab, don’t drag your eye cream on.

A weekly mask and twice a week exfoliant is very important as well.  Exfoliating is key to getting off the dead skin, this will help your moisturizer soak into your ocean saltskin much better.  I use Lush Ocean Salt Scrub.  Gently rub it around your face in a circular motion, moving upward, not down.  Using a mask is like giving your skin a huge dose of whatever it needs.  Since I’m dry I use Lush Mask of Magnaminty.  If you are oily you will want to use a clay based mask.  Some times a mask can get messy.  I apply mine before my shower, wait 10 minutes then get in and rinse it off.  This way I don’t have to deal with cleaning up the mess around my sink.

Extras- In the case of a breakout I love to use Bioelements Breakout Control.  I put a little on a q-tip and dab it where ever I’m having a problem.  It gets rid of my break out in a day or 2 without drying out the area.  Another thing I have been obsessing over lately is Clarisonic.  I know I’m late to the game, and most people already have one.  But my sister gave me one a month ago and I’m IN LOVE!  I’m noticing such a difference.  My skin is so much more smooth.  Definitely worth the investment!  Also, make sure your body is getting enough hydration.  Everyone has heard to drink 8 glasses of water a day.  That is correct if you are not drinking any caffeine or alcohol.  For every glass of caffeine or alcohol you need to be drinking 2 glasses of water to make up for the dehydrating effects.  Another thing I can not live without is a humidifier in my house.  Some home furnaces have a built in humidifier, I still think having a humidifier in your room is a good idea.  During the day put it in the room where you are spending the most time.  At night put it in your bedroom.  Some times I stand over it and let the humidity go straight into my face.

Let’s not forget about our bodies.  When showering make sure you are aware of the water temperature.  I love getting into a shower so hot it almost burns my skin.  It’s so warm and relaxing, but it’s also extremely drying!  Use a soap that isn’t to harsh.  Right now I’m using ShiKai Moisturizing Shower Gel.  So many natural shower gels I have used in the past don’t get me entirely clean.  I get out of the shower and within 30 minutes I can still smell myself.  Sure, my skin is very soft but I stink!  This one I’m currently using is gentle, but gets me clean!  No stinky armpits 30 minutes after showering ;)  And don’t forget to moisturize your body.  I love using Juice Beauty Green Apple Firming Body Moisturizer.  Other options for extreme dryness is pure Vitamin E  oil (this is more of a spot treat for dry patches), Coconut Oil, Pure Unrefined Raw Shae Butter and Badger Balm on my hands and feet.  For these products, the best place to purchase them is at Amazon.

To sum up, here are the steps for a good skin care routine:
-Toner (optional)
-Moisturize, lighter moisturizer in the morning.  Heavier moisturizer/Argan Oil and eye cream at night only.
-Exfoliate, 2x a week
-Mask, 1x a week
-Clarisonic, 1 time a day (optional)
-Plenty of water!

Take the time to take care of your skin!  It’s fun to have a “spa day” and pamper yourself.  So lock the bathroom door, light some candles and put on soothing music ~ you deserve it!

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6 thoughts on “Winterize Your Skin Care Routine

  1. I’m in a skin crisis. I wasn’t sure how to reach you. So basically since my pregnancy I have been having crazy skin. It has gotten a lot better though. My issue is that my skin is slightly dry (I can see dry patches under my foundation but I do moisturize and use a primer) on my cheeks BUT I get pimples on my cheeks as well. I also have some mild redness and sensitivity. What is going on?! I’m trying to make my makeup look nice so I moisturize but then I guess I over do it sometimes and get breakouts BUT the skin is still dry on my cheeks there! Please help. I am using Boscia mostly. I am using the beauty oil, regular am and pm moisturizer, soothing cleansing cream, intensifying moisture pack, makeup break up, and their eye cream. Oh and I’m 22. Please help!!!

    1. Hi Valerie! Pregnant skin can be totally different! Your body is going thru such a hormonal change, it is coming out on your skin. The good news is, everything will go back to normal within 2 weeks of your baby being born. So what to do right now? Boscia is a great skin care line. I would suggest adding a moisturizing, calming/soothing mask once a week and a gentle exfoliator 3 times a week. Then ease up on how much moisturizer/oil you are using. Try to get as much moisture from the mask and exfoliator. This should help your break outs.
      Hang in there! The body goes thru weird stuff when you’re pregnant. I had massive cankles!!!! I remember crying because I thought I looked so ugly (and uncomfortable!). All my Dr said was “this won’t go away till the baby is born, so be patient”. Unfortunately, that was true for me. Now it’s a distant memory :)

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