Weight is Just a Number

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Over the past 10 years I have weighed as little as 125 pounds and as much as 160 pounds.  This does not include pregnancy and losing pregnancy weight.  One thing I have learned from being many different sizes, weight is just a number!  How much I weigh and how big or small I am does not define who I am.  My weight is not what makes me happy or what makes me feel good about myself.

I remember in my early 20’s when I gained weight for the first time in a way that I didn’t like it.  I was complaining to my friends that I had gained 10 pounds.  One of my friends looked at me and said “if you gain 10 pounds or lose 10 pounds, it doesn’t change who you are”.  Those words grabbed onto my heart and stuck with me forever.

Women come in all shapes and sizes and we need to embrace our bodies!!  When I scroll down Instagram I am very aware that I do not have a typical “blogger” body.  I do not have long thin legs with a huge thigh gap.  I am most definitely not a size 0.  But I don’t care.  I love my body.  I love that I have curvy hips and a big butt and thicker thighs.  And there have been times over the years that I was thinner and a smaller size.  And I loved my body then too.

The point I’m trying to make, is love your body no matter what!  And don’t let your size determine your happiness.

6 months ago I moved across the country and started working full time.  With this big life change my work outs disappeared.  They left the building!  Because of that I have gained 10 pounds in the last 6 months, weighing me in currently at 150 pounds.  I haven’t been that thrilled about it.  Especially since I had to buy all new jeans.  But I reminded myself of what’s really important and I am embracing my extra weight because it’s me.  So much in my life has changed and my work outs have taken a lower priority.  And that’s ok, it’s the stage that I am in right now.

The crazy thing is, right now I am the happiest I have ever been in my whole life.  And I’m not just saying that to be cheesy.  My marriage has never been better.  My kids are amazing, healthy and bring me so much joy every single day.  I love living in Florida and being able to go to the pool and beach in February!  I love living right next to my family.  I love my job.  So who cares if I’ve gained some weight.  It’s just weight!  It’s not the thing that actually matters in life.

If you take anything away from this blog post, is love your body no matter what!  And be nice to yourself!  If you think losing weight and being super thin will make you happy, it won’t.  Some of my worst times is when I was really thin.  Focus on who you are.  Love yourself and know that you are beautiful, always!

Outfit Details: Sincerely Jules Top | Frame Denim | Sandals | Chanel Bag, Similar Here | Lana ‘Love’ Necklace

sincerely Jules Everly One-Shoulder Cotton Top

sincerely Jules Everly One-Shoulder Cotton Top

sincerely Jules Everly One-Shoulder Cotton Top

sincerely Jules Everly One-Shoulder Cotton Top

sincerely Jules Everly One-Shoulder Cotton Top

23 thoughts on “Weight is Just a Number

  1. Adore the outfit! Great post as well! I have always struggled with my weight, thinking it was the reason I wasn’t happy, be recently I am happier then ever, and heavier then ever! While I still would like to be healthier and trim down, I realized my happiness is not tied to my weight, and the realization really comes from no longer caring what unimportant people think about me! Weight is just a number, preach girlfriend!

  2. Absolutely love this post! It was exactly what I needed to hear. You look amazing, Rachel! You look so happy and healthy and really what else matters? 10 pounds heavier or 10 pounds lighter it doesn’t matter. You are still the same beautiful person!

  3. You are gorgeous! Thank you for posting this. As a mother of 4 I have obsessed over my weight at times. It is important to remember it is in fact just a number! If you are happy and healthy that is all that matters!

  4. Thank you so much for posting this!!! You are absolutely incredible and such a role model. I obsess over my weight since I do not have that ideal perfect body that is shoved down women’s throats. I work hard but I need to work harder on loving me! There needs to be more people like yourself spreading this positive message

  5. Rachel , thank you so much for taking the time and effort to create this wonderful, unique, and inspiring blog post!! This made me feel so positive and thankful in my own skin and I appreciate you spreading true love! I did have a question for you , if you see this: what website builder did you choose for LifesCandyJar? I was curious , because your blog is so gorgeous , I love the design !! I was just wondering what site you used to create it ?? :)

  6. Thank you for posting this!! I think this is something every woman struggles with, but especially new mamas! After being pregnant for practically 2 years straight, it has been really difficult for me to get used to my post partum body.

    I think I have pretty much the same body type as you so I appreciate you and your style! <3

  7. I just want to take the time to write you and tell you thank you. I am 23 and just began my first real job and in the past year and I have gained 20 lbs, putting me at my heaviest of 140 lbs. I know that sounds ridiculous but this new body has been so hard for me to accept. I have done everything to lose the weight but have failed. I can’t tell you the last time I have felt beautiful, until now, reading this post. Tearing up reading your words truly gave me a sense of peace with my body. Thank you for sharing this because you will truly never know how deep your words touched me.

  8. Rachel! I love you so much! You and Jaclyn never stop inspiring me every day. Yes, you two taught me so much about fashion but more than anything it’s about life and how to enjoy it. I’ll always support you two!

  9. Rachel, thank you so much for your transparency and vulnerability in this post. I really needed to hear this. You’re a beautiful soul!

  10. I needed to hear this! I’ve always been pretty thin, but I’ve definitely gotten curvier after I had my second baby 6 months ago. But im embracing every curve and stretch mark! You are beautiful and so inspiring! Thank you for this!! Xo

  11. Love this! You’re an inspiration. We all need reminders about what REALLY matters in life!

  12. How funny.. was just obsessing over my weight and saw your article. You are such a true beauty!

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