Weekend Family Time


My Outfit: Top | Jeans | Shoes | Hat | Bracelet | Earrings, similar for less | Bag

Sofia’s Outfit: Dress | Vest | Hat | Shoes

Caleb’s Outfit: Shirt | Shoes

I love the weekends so much because it means I get to spend quality time with my family.  The week is so busy and some days it feels like the only time we spend together as a family is during dinner.  But on the weekend we get to spend the whole day together!

We have so many favorite things to do as a family.  One is a family movie night.  We all snuggle on the couch with tons of popcorn and candy while watching a movie.  We also love to get out during the day, eat a yummy lunch, or check out an art fair or farmers market.  And of course, now that we live in Florida, the beach and pool has been added to the list of favorite weekend activities.

No matter what we do, the most important thing to me is that I am spending quality time with my children.  They are growing up so fast!  I want to make sure we are always talking and they feel comfortable telling me anything.  I want to be apart of all areas of their lives and I don’t want to miss a thing!  :)

Sofia’s style has been changing lately.  She just turned 8 and she’s in the in-between stage of not being a tiny little girl, but she’s not a teenager.  I guess she’s technically a ‘tween’ (pause for me to shed a little tear).   But with this she is finding her own style.  She is very girly but I find it difficult to find age appropriate outfits that are girly (and affordable!).  Most clothes for girls her age are full of loud crazy colors and prints, and aren’t girly at all.

Last week we all went shopping and it was fun to see what Sofia picked out.  She grabbed a lot of dresses, of course!  She wants to look pretty but first and foremost is her comfort.  This dress is crazy comfy!  And she felt so fancy in her “high heel shoes” :)  I love how she looks like a young lady and still girly.  She loved this outfit and she shined all day in it!

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weekend family time

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