Tips & Tricks #6

  1. Kate Spade Canvas HatWarm weather is approaching, keep your skin protected!  Avoiding being in direct sunlight between 10am-2pm if possible.  Always wear sunscreen 30 spf or higher, wear a hat and sunglasses to shade your face.  I love that floppy hats are back in.  How cute is this one for the beach or pool!!
  2. Finding the time to apply a facial mask can be difficult (we are all busy!).  Apply it in the shower after cleansing, shave your legs, then rinse off the mask.
  3. Apply moisturizer and body lotion to the skin immediately after getting out of the shower while the skin is still damp, this will lock the moisture in.
  4. Orange is such a hot trend right now, but a very hard color for most people to wear.  Look for a coral-orange or pink-orange, these colors are more flattering.
  5. Spring break is here!  If you quickly want to shed some pounds, eat a diet high in protein and veggies, berries, apples and tons of water.

5 thoughts on “Tips & Tricks #6

  1. Love all your tips. They always include awesome ideas. The face mask in the shower is pure genius.

  2. What kind of sunscreen is best for under your makeup? I have an oily T zone area and I always have a hard time finding a sunscreen without all the nasty chemicals in them.

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