Tips & Tricks #2

  1. After waxing, don’t exfoliate or go in the direct sun light for 24 hours._8159861
  2. If you have a really red zit put some visine on it.  It gets the red out.
  3. A glass of wine or a shot of liquor has 100+ calories, so be aware of how much you are consuming.  All of those calories turn straight to sugar.
  4. Concealers can be drying, use a primer first to protect the under eye area.   I use MAC Prep & Prime in Radiant Rose.
  5. Spend the money and get yourself a really nice winter coat.  It’s worth the investment!  You wear it every day for many months out of the year.  And it’s the first thing (some times only thing) that everyone sees.  I love this coat! Check out the awesome detail in the back!