Tips & Tricks #12

  1. After applying your moisturizer with 20-30 minutes to apply foundation.  You want your moisturizer to completely soak into your skin.  This will also help to avoid creasing in your foundation.
  2. The correct way to use a bobby pin is wavy side down against the head.  Weird I know!  The bobby pin stays in so much better.
  3. Using a makeup setting spray gives your makeup longevity.  For me personally, when I use a setting spray my makeup lasts without creasing or moving a minimum 10 hours, usually much longer.  Think of it as hair spray for your makeup.  I use Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray to set my makeup just as it is, and Urban Decay Chill Setting Spray to give my skin a more dewy look.
  4. Some times after washing your face you still have some eye makeup around your eyes.  Take a q-tip with a little lotion on it and gently wipe it off.
  5. Buy your jeans as tight as you can fit into, they always stretch 1/2 size.  Then never put them in the dryer, always air dry!!  The dryer breaks down the elastic/spandex in the jeans.  That’s when your jeans start stretching out when wearing them… so back into the dryer to shrink back the size… all the while breaking down the denim and shortening the life of your jeans.  When you air dry your jeans they always stay the same size as the initial stretch.

This time of year means lots of sales, YEAH!  Buy something for yourself or start your Holiday shopping early.  Here are the sales that are ending soon:

  • Nordstrom Clearance Sale, up to 40% off, free shipping & free returns on all orders, ends November 11th
  • Sephora VIB 20% off entire purchase, free shipping on orders over $50, ends November 10th (today!)
  • J. Crew 25% off select with code GETWARM, ends November 11th
  • Macy’s 30% off with code VETS, ends November 11th
  • West Elm 15% off with code YIPPEE, ends November 10th


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