The Best Under Eye De-Puffer

Benefit Puff Off

Over the last several months, pretty much since spring, my allergies have been out of control! (they say allergies in the midwest are are at an all time worst they have ever been-ugh!)  Combine that with a lot of traveling, getting sick several times and lack of sleep and I have had a less than ideal under eye situation.  On really bad morning I have woken up and my under eye is so puffy it looks like I was punched in the eye.

Applying cold can help with puffiness, but it can take 10-15 minutes of application to see any results.  Another issue I get along with puffiness is dryness and fine lines.  Dryness can come from allergies and fine lines is a direct result of puffiness.  Needless to say I have been on the search for a product that works effectively and quickly!

I ordered Benefit Puff Off out of desperation to find something that would work.  I honestly didn’t think it would work as good as it claims.  But it does!  The ironing tip seemed a bit cheesy (“so cheesy?” – name that show!).  But if it works it works!

How I apply it: In the morning I cleanse and moisturize, then apply ‘Puff Off’.  I squeeze a small amount out and dot it in several places in my under eye area.  I use the “iron” to gently smooth out the product, using little to no pressure, around my entire under eye area, from outer corner to inner corner.  I apply makeup as usual.

What it does for me: I notice almost immediate de-puffing results.  It also smooths the entire area, diminishing any fine lines and creating a satin like finish.  It dries instantly so I can immediately apply makeup.

Puff Off has been in my beauty travel bag everywhere I have gone in the last several months.  And it has be used on countless occasions at home.  If you are puffy for whatever reason; bad nights sleep, up to late, partying the night before, crying, reaction to a skin care product, etc, this will work wonders on you.

5 thoughts on “The Best Under Eye De-Puffer

  1. The First Aid Beauty Triple Eye Remedy is my go to. It’s designed the same way with the little ironing head. I love it! I always love your blogs!

  2. Rachel, I recently went to my eye doctor for allergies and she told me that i also am reacting to the facewash I’ve been using so to keep it off my eyes. I changed to first aid facewash which i love and I’m just wondering- How to i still cleanse that area and how do i get rid of the fine lines under my lash line without my skin reacting from it?

  3. Rachel, I have started to breakout from my body wash that I having been using for a few years now. I was wondering if you knew of a great body wash that would make me feel clean, but also having hydrating and other good qualities?

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