How to Take Care of a Zit

ZITS!!!  We all get them, we all hate them!  What do you do when one of those ugly beasts come for a visit?  #1 thing – NO Picking!!!  This can damage the skin and leave scars.  There are a couple steps you can do to help get rid of these nasty things quicker.

Wrap up an ice cube in a paper towel and put it directly on the zit for 5ish minutes.  The cold will send all the nasty stuff you don’t want away from the area.

Ice Cube

Ice Cube on Zit

Wet a wash cloth with warm/hot water to create a warm compress and apply directly on the zit for 5ish minutes.  This will bring blood to the area, and blood is healing.

Making Warm Compress

Warm Compress on Zit

I use BioElements Break Out Control.  Put a little on a q-tip and dap it on the zit.

bioelements breakout control

bioelements breakout control

applying bioelements breakout control

If you follow these steps right away as soon as the zit starts coming up, the zit should only last a couple of days and won’t leave any scarring.  Click here to purchase BioElements Breakout Control.

Stay tuned for later this week I will post on how to cover up a zit.

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13 thoughts on “How to Take Care of a Zit

  1. Hey. I’m a 19 year old premedical biology major in college who has recently developed problematic areas on my face. I’ve never had acne before and am going crazy bc idk how to get rid of it. I know a lot of it is stress oriented but do you have any suggestions as far as skin care products go. I have dry skin, sometimes oily in my T Zone but mostly dry.. I already have the fresh seaberry oil that I apply nightly and I recently purchased a clarisonic Mia 2! Idk what else to do though… PLEASE HELP ME !!! I’d really appreciate it!!

    1. Make sure you are cleansing both morning and night. Never go to bed with makeup on. Try using an acid peel, Dr Dennis Gross makes a good one, or nightly acne peel pads – only use on the areas of breakouts. And try to eliminate stress (I know it’s easier said than done), because stress does cause breakouts.

      1. I do cleanse every morning and night and haven’t slept with makeup on in years… I want to switch foundations. Right now I use Mac but I feel like it contains too many chemicals… The acne is mainly around my mouth On my cheeks… Like where my dimples are. And they go up my cheek. I’ve just never experienced acne like this and it’s been like this for several months and idk what to do anymore. I cleanse twice daily, exfoliate 2-3 times a week, apply a face mask several times a month, and apply a beauty oil every night.. Maybe I need a different cleanser ? Or something ? I just don’t know and it’s bothering me bc I won’t even leave my room without first applying foundation and that’s such a pain

      2. I cleanse both morning and night and I haven’t slept with makeup on in years… That’s the problem!! Idk what to do! I’m broken out around my mouth where my dimples are and up to mid-cheek. And it’s been like that for several months and I don’t know how to get rid of it. I use Mac foundation but have been wanting to get away from it bc I feel like there are too many chemicals in it! I cleanse morning and night every day, exfoliate 2-3 times a week, apply a face mask several times a month, and apply a beauty oil every night before bed along with an eye cream… My skin is bothering me so much though that I won’t even leave my room without first applying foundation and it’s such a pain!! I hate it please help!!!!

        1. I used to have the exact same problem.. then I realized that my cleanser was to harsh for my face and caused my to get acne flare ups and it was awful. I switched over to a gentle face wash and now my skin I clearing up

  2. One of my estys told me for every night you sleep with makeup on you age 7 there any truth to this?

  3. You look so beautiful here! Just wondering btw, what polish are you wearing on your nails? It’s perfect for spring!

  4. Thank you for this! I am 31 and suffer from what seems like hormonal/adult acne.. I have never had any problems until the last couple of years. It is just miserable, and seems to typically be in my forehead. Any recommendation/products for my age skin? Everything seems to be geared more towards younger teenage skin, which just causes me to peel. Thank you again. I love your blog!

  5. This method has really helped me out so much. I’ve always struggled with the urge to pick at my zits, but using the ice really stifles the urge as well as do all the good stuff you stated. Does this work the same with blackheads and the pesky one’s the are under the skin causing weird texture or is there something else I could do to help with that?

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