Summer Glowing Skin

Summer is my favorite time of year! I love being outside, sun dresses, swimsuits, ice cream cones and sunshine. Follow these easy steps to protect your skin and enjoy a healthy beautiful summer glow.

Moisturize with SPF. I started using Josie Maran daily moisturizer with SPF. I never know when I am going to be out in the sun longer than expected. It’s easy to forget sunscreen when I’m not planning a full day outside. It goes on a little thick because of the SPF in it, but once it soaks in it feels just like a normal moisturizer. Apply just like any other moisturizer, foundation can be applied on top.

Sunscreen. When you are in the sun always use sunscreen. I use Supergoop on my face and it’s amazing! It’s very lightweight, I don’t even feel it on once it soaks in. This can easily be applied under your foundation. For my body, I use whatever I pick up at Target or the grocery store. When spending a day outside reapply sunscreen every 2 hours.

Hats & Sunglasses. Wearing a hat is a great way to completely protect your skin. Shading your face and eyes is the only way to not get sun damage. Plus, there are so many great hats out right now that are so gorgeous! And don’t forget your shades. Squinting into the sun will only give you wrinkles around your eyes.

Lightweight Foundation. When I wear foundation in the summer I prefer it to be very lightweight. I’ve been using Hourglass skin tint and Dior Air, both have SPF. Laura Mercier makes a great tined moisturizer. She has always been my go to summer foundation in the past. I have also been loving Urban Decay Naked concealer, it’s lightweight with full coverage.

Prime. This Hourglass Veil primer is amazing! It creates a smooth, satin surface for applying foundation. It helps keep foundation from moving, even when you sweat.  I am obsessed with this Becca under eye brightening corrector!  This primer completely gets rid of dark circles and brightens the under eye.  It creates a smooth surface for applying concealer, so it won’t settle into lines.  Apply to clean skin before concealer.

Bronze and Glow. My makeup in the summer is always very simple. I want my skin to look healthy, bronzed and glowing. The hourglass bronzer gives a gorgeous bronzed look, then I use Becca Highlight in ‘opal’ and/or ‘moonstone’ for the perfect glow. If you have more mature skin (or any age), use the Hourglass highlight. It won’t settle in lines and gives a settle glowing from within look to the skin.

Lips. Don’t forget to protect your lips and keep them moisturized. Fresh makes a great sugar lip treatment with SPF, it comes in tons of colors.  These give your lips a natural tint.