Skin Care Routine for Dry Skin

Taking care of dry skin is my specialty! I have dry, sensitive skin and eczema. Living in the Chicago area does not help my skin at all. Especially when we are having a winter like we have been having. Anyone know how I’m feeling?? Let’s dig in on how to help that dry skin look glowing and dewy!  If you want me to do another post on eczema, just let me know :)

The first thing about dry skin, #1 importance- Do not use any products that will dry you out more.  All products that I use are gentle and adding moisture to my skin, never taking moisture away.

On that same note- Hydrate!  Water!  Drinking enough water every day really does make a huge difference!  Things like caffeine and alcohol are dehydrating.  For every cup of caffeine or alcohol, drink 2-3 glasses of water to make up for it.  This is on top of the regular amount of water you are drinking.  What is the “regular amount”?  I’m so glad you asked!  For the average person, 8 glasses.  But you have dry skin and you need more hydration.  So I would aim for 10-12 glasses.  I know you will feel like you are drinking water all day long.  And that’s because you should be drinking water all day long.  I put my water in a “sippy cup” and drink from a straw.  It seems to go down a lot easier.  Add a splash of lemon or lime, tasty!  If you are busy and can’t sit around sipping water all day, I want to extend a challenge to you.  Every hour on the hour grab a glass of water and chug it.  At the end of the day you should have drank about 15 glasses of water.  Yeah!

How do you know if  you have dry skin?  Do you have: Rough, dull complexion? Rough patches?  Invisible pores?  Skin feel tight?  More wrinkles?  If yes, then you have dry skin.

Here are the steps to take care of your skin:


  • Cleanse
  • Serum (optional) 
  • Moisturize


  • Cleanse
  • Eye Cream
  • Sleeping Mask (optional)
  • Night Cream/Beauty Oil


  • Clarisonic – 1-2 times a day
  • Exfoliate – Several times a week.  Check out my post on Exfoliation here
  • Facial Mask – 2-4 times a month

Fresh Soy Face Cleanser & BioElements are both amazing!!!  They get all your make-up off while gently cleansing the skin.

Fresh Soy Face CleanserBioElements Flash Foam Cleanser

After cleansing, your skin is bare.  Applying a serum is an intense way to hydrate and protect your skin all day long.
Both from Fresh, Black Tea is for anti-aging and helps with fine lines and wrinkles. while brightening.  Soy Face Serum gives a smoother, firmer, more radiant skin.

Fresh Black Tea Age-Delay Serum Fresh Soy Face Serum

Choose something that is hydrating while still giving a great base for applying your make-up.
Kate Somerville Daily Moisturizer and BioElements Crucial Moisturizer are great choices.

Kate Somerville Daily MoisturizerBioElements Crucial Moisture

Eye Cream
Both of these eye creams are amazing!  They help with fine lines and wrinkles, smooth and lift the eye area.  Fresh feels like cashmere on my eye area!  Peter Thomas Roth is more moisturizing.

Fresh Black Tea Eye Cream Peter Thomas Roth Mega Rich Eye Cream

Sleeping Mask
This is the only sleeping mask that I truly believe in.  This has changed my life!  So much hydration, even complexion, smoothes fine lines and wrinkles- MUST HAVE!

Boscia Deep Sleeping Mask

Night Cream / Beauty Oil
I prefer beauty oils.  My favorites are Josie Maran Argon Oil and Fresh Seaberry Oil.  I put it right on top of my sleep mask.  You should now feel like you are ready to slip off your bed from all the oil on your face.  But in the morning you will thank me!  If you have a favorite night cream you like to use, great!  Keep using it!

arganFresh Seaberry Moisturizing Face Oil

This really makes a difference!  It will give you a deeper clean, which allows for your hydrating products to benefit you more.  I use the Mia 2 and I recently got the cashmere brush head.  The cashmere brush head is awesome!  It’s softer and more moisturizing, it’s great for sensitive skin.

Clarisonic Mia 2Clarisonic Cashmere Brush Head

The only one I’ve been using for the last 9 months is Lush Ocean Salt Scrub.  Love it!!!

LUSH Ocean Salt

Facial Mask
A mask is a great way to give you that boost of hydration that your skin needs.
I love Lush Mask of Magnaminty and GlamGlow Thirsty Mud.  Bonus on the GlamGlow mask, you can also use it as a sleep mask!

LUSH Mask of MagnamintyGlamGlow ThirstyMud

These are all the products that I personally use for my dry skin.  I have had to readjust things this winter with the extreme dry weather.  I finally found things that make my skin glowing.  Hope you found this helpful.  Leave a comment if you have any questions, I will try to answer :)

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84 thoughts on “Skin Care Routine for Dry Skin

    1. I love toners for extra moisture! I spray them on after my moisturizer. (I know that’s backwards from what most people do)

    1. Oh Girl! Taking care of my dry body during the winter is a whole other post! I could go on forever!

    1. Microdermabrasion really works for fine lines, wrinkles, minor scarring and dark spots. It’s the least aggressive treatment you and get and still get great results.

  1. I’ve been struggling with dry skin/eczema and mild to horrible break outs my entire life. Birth control really helps control both of those which makes no sense to anyone or any doctor. I’ve noticed if I can control the break outs – I can control the eczema. I was put on a steroid cream a couple years ago for the eczema which helps, but recently found out I am pregnant. So I now have to find a whole different routine if my OB says no to these meds. I’ve also been on benzoyl peroxide/ erythromycin for the break outs which was helping… but not since I’ve been pregnant. I know a lot of these issues are due to hormonal changes, but do you have any suggestions on how to keep the break outs & eczema manageable during this time?

    1. Try using Boscia’s skin care line for acne. It helps with break outs without being to harsh. Being pregnant can be a rough time for the skin. Hang in there!

    1. Hello Rachel,

      Could you PLEASE do a skin routine for oily/combination skin?? I have an OILY t-zone and have not really found a good skin care products (because everywhere I go they want to sell me everything but the kitchen sink…do I really need all those super expensive products??).

      Thank you,
      Maria Alvarado

  2. I would love to read about eczema. My husband just recently was diagnosed and we are struggling to manage it. He has patches on his arms and legs and it gets pretty severe on his scalp. Any advice would be appreciated!

  3. I’m wondering if you know where they would sell the make fresh in england as I cant find it anywhere! :(

  4. Love these posts, now i use the Korres mask but i do it after the oil am i doing it wrong? Also, is the lush scrub for your face? I get dry excema patches on my legs, and i put cortizone on them, still no luck… a dry body post I would looooooveee xo~

  5. hi love your blog. I dont know what skin i have – it often feels tight and never oily but i do have mild blackheads on my nose and some on chin and enlarged pores on my cheeks – i dont really get break outs. an occasional spot. my skin tone is uneven with redness around the nose. Can you do a blog on how to figure out what skin type you are? ive recently started using 2% retinol and want to get 1% BHA to tackle pores and it is working and i just bought a clarisonic but now my skin is dryer so im using hydrating moisturers and skin care…is this bad?

    1. Hi! I did a blog post “skin care regimen 101”. In this post I go over the different skin types and how to tell. It sounds to me like you have dry skin. Don’t be afraid of black heads and an occasional break out, it happens to everyone! With an uneven, red skin tone I would guess that you are using products that are to harsh and drying for your skin. Try switching to something more gentle and hydrating.

      1. the blackheads ive always had my nose is like a strawberry so ive heard about the Paulas Choice range and was going to try a BHA 1% lotion but the retinol while making my skin super sensitive and is prob too harsh does seem to be working. I was getting bored of struggling with trying to find foundation that sinks into my pores and makes my nose look like a white strawberry! thanks for taking time to respond ill check out ur other posts. I always thought i was combination or oily but clearly not!

        1. Get a peel off mask. If you use it after a steamy shower, most of those blackheads should pull right out!

    2. If we don’t know our skin type is there a place where we can go and get out tested?

  6. Question, for the sleeping mask and the facial masks you mentioned – do you wear those on different nights when you feel like it, like one or the other? Or do you put both a sleeping mask and a facial mask on on the same night? Thanks!

    1. A facial mask is to be put on for 10-15 minutes then rinsed off. A sleeping mask is for putting on before bed and wearing it over night. I only wear 1 sleeping mask at a time. If i need more moisture I add a moisturizer or beauty oil on top of the sleeping mask.

  7. Thank you sooooo much for this post! I have atrociously dry skin all year long, which is especially terrible during winters like this, and I have been struggling SO much to find products that work. This is really helpful!

  8. I look forward to reading your blogs! I live in Chicago suburbs and your right this winter is terrible. I wear topical’s from my dermatologist and I’m not sure what step I would use the beauty oil? Any suggestions/tips? Thank you!!!

  9. I am absolutely ADDICTED to your blog!!! You have no idea how happy I am to FINALLY find a beauty blogger with similar skin issues to mine! You’re amazing and I love you sister as well! This is dangerous LOL it’s making me wanna buy every single thing you mentioned haha Amazing recommendations :)

  10. Hello – So does the oil go under or over your night time moisturizer or mask? My skin is so dry, I have found using Serums, oils, and a cream moisturizer are best, but am not sure what order to do everything in.

  11. I use the mask of magnaminty all the time! Trying to figure out out if the glam glow is worth it. Love your post and look forward to more <3 thanks so much!

  12. I would love to read a post on eczcema. My daughter, 4 years old, has it and I’m really struggling to manage it. I’ve tried several different creams and lotions. What do you use to manage your eczema?What do you think about using a beauty oil to add extra moisture? Do you think that would help? I could really use some suggestions. Thank you….absolutely love your blog.

  13. Hello,
    I noticed you didn’t mention the lush enchanted eye cream in the above post. I was just wondering if after you used if for awhile, you decided the results weren’t the same. I was just going to pick it up but if the ones above are better I will try one of those! Your opinion???
    Thanks so much

    1. I still use it. I found these other eye cream are more moisturizing and help better with fine lines.

  14. Try KP Duty by Derma Doctor. It is awesome for the body. It is the only thing I can use. It was created by a woman dermatologist. They sell it at Ulta and Sephora. You can also go to the website for Dermadoctor.

  15. On the nights you do everything (cleanse, tone, mask/exfoliate, moisturize, beauty oil, etc), which order should you do it in?

    1. If I’m going to do every step possible, here is the order I do it in. Cleanse, exfoliate, steam, facial mask, toner, eye cream, sleeping mask, moisturizer or beauty oil.

  16. I’m a little confused about where to apply the eye cream (dont judge me, haha). My eyes are driest/ more wrinkles closest to my bottom lashes, but I have grown up being shown to apply eye cream where dark circles would be, about 1/2 inch below the bottom lash line. Suggestions?! Also, would you recommend this same regiment to someone who is also prone to redness (sometimes described as postpartum roseacia)?

    1. Apply it all around the under eye area, from inner corner to outer corner of the eye. Put it anywhere you have wrinkles or dryness around the eye area.

  17. I know when you find a product you love, you are willing to pay the price. However, do you have any other suggestions for eye creams that wont break the bank?

    1. Try the one from Lush or BioElements. They are great and less expensive (but not in quality!)

  18. Hello first of all I think you r super talented and your sister is equally amazing ! One quick question have u come across any good serum or cream for getting rid of dark spots ? Please let me know ! Thank you !

    1. Thank you! The fresh black tea age-delay serum has brightening effects. So it will help with mild dark spots.

  19. Hi Rachel! I recently bought Lush Sea Salt exfoliated and have broken out in red bumps all over! Is this to be expected since it was the first time using it or do you think I should discontinue it ?

    1. Wow! I’ve never heard that. Try using it 1 more time in a couple days, massage it gently on the face and see what happens. I hope this isn’t it!

  20. Could you pretty please do a post like this for sensitive oily or combination skin?

  21. I would love to see a post on eczema!! I actually have it on my eyelids & I am to the point I can barely wear eye makeup. Is there anything you can recommend that is good but sensitive enough to put around me eyes?

  22. Ugh! My skin is super oily around my nose and forehead but dry on my cheeks. I cannot find something that works great for both on my skin. Also, do you have any recommendations on products that will make my pores smaller? I love your blog!! After reading this I bought the lush face and body scrub! Love it!!

  23. Do you use the sleeping mask after you put on your moisturizer and everything? Or do you just cleanse the face and then put it on your dry face before bed?

  24. Hi Rachel,

    My daughter has dry skin on her upper arms that is year round. Little bumps that resemble heat rash. Do you have any suggestions on treating this. Love your blog.

  25. Please do a post on care for eczema. My daughter has issues with this year round (though usually better in summer). She gets it around her ankles, in the bends of her arms and the backs of her calves. Nothing seems to help and I hate the strong prescriptions. Thanks!!

    1. I will definitely do a post on eczema. For now, check out my post on shea butter, it has really helped my eczema and it’s all natural!

  26. Hi Rachel, I have pretty normal skin. Gets dry in the winter oily in the summer but it’s not bad it’s okay to me. And I used to break out maybe once every few months but lately for the past 3 months I got a horrible breakout all over my cheeks that continue to come and they go away in about a week but automatically scar leaving dark spots that I can’t get rid of! Is there anything you can recommend for dark spots, acne, cleaning up and tightening my pores and just all around making my skin look refreshed and glowy? Thank you so much for any advice!

  27. What would you recommend for dry eyelids. If I can’t put eye beams on my eyelids?

    1. If you have dry eyelids you can put a little eye cream or moisturizer on it. If your makeup is creasing the next day, apply a little less or every other night.

        1. Thank you for this info have really damaged hair from dying it. I already cut of half of my split ends just trying to get health shiny hair.

      1. Thank you I didn’t take care of my skin in my teens and 20’s so now that I’m 32 and I’m trying to make up for it.

  28. I love your blog! What serums do you use for dry skin? I have a SOS Thirst Quenching serum from Caudalie, but I also want to use something with Vitamin C, any thoughts? How do you use more than one serum, or can you?

  29. Body lotion, creams are different and we cant often use them number of times a day. Soft, healthy, glowing skin needs dry brushing, scrubbing for that homemade scrubbers are best to tackle winter skin problems. Sugar with honey and lemon juice is an awesome homemade scrubber that removes dead skin and gives a fresh and healthy look.

    Organic Makeup Brands

  30. Ozone layer lotion has no chemicals in it, just real shea butter that pumps. I love it. Store stuff doesn’t last long, I have to reapply 2-3 times a day. Hate the winter :(

  31. I love your advice on drinking water, it’s absolutely necessary to keep your skin healthy! I’ve been filling up a large water bottle every day and carry it with me all day long to remind me to keep drinking. If I don’t, not only does my skin suffer but I get terrible headaches from dehydration. I live in Colorado and winters are SO DRY here! I’ve been using this salve for my hands, elbows, knees, anywhere that is really prone to getting cracked dry skin and it’s AMAZING too.

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  33. I just came across this cause my skin has been so bad. Excited to use some products and hoping it helps. I was wondering makeup wise which ones are good for dry skin?

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