Skin Care at All Ages


  • What you do to your skin before you are 20 will determine what your skin will look like 40’s and beyond. SUNSCREEN!!!!! Always use a SPF 30 or higher, don’t lay out for hours at a time. Ask yourself- do you want tan skin now or flawless skin later?
  • Now is a great time to start a basic skin care regimen. All you need is to cleanse and moisturize both morning and night.
  • No squeezing pimples! This can cause scaring that you will have forever (insert ‘Sandlot’ voice).
  • Never go to bed with make-up on.  Always wash it off!


    • If you had teen acne, it should be cleared up by mid 20’s or earlier.
    • You will start to see more balance and more even complexion, enjoy your skin because it will probably be the best of your life!
    • Start adding steps and products to your skin care routine.  Now is the time to create good skin care habits.  Don’t wait until you see skin problems.
    • Use an eye cream at night, exfoliate 2-4 times a week, use a mask 1-4 times a month.


  • “Imperfections” start to show up. Broken blood vessels, fine lines will appear.
  • Stress will show up on your face. No more partying all night long and waking up early, dark circles and overall tired will be all over your face.
  • Start to invest is high quality products. Begin using “anti-aging” products.
  • Cell production begins to slow down, exfoliation is key!


  • Estrogen levels begin to drop, this means dryness.
  • Everything that showed up in your 30’s begins to deepen.  Your skin will start to lose elasticity and become noticeably thinner.
  • All your skin care ‘sins’ will show up.  All of the tanning you did in your teens and 20’s will show up as ‘age spots’ or ‘dark spots’.  Wear a sunscreen every day to prevent them from getting darker.
  • Use a richer moisturizer, and heavier products like beauty oils and night creams.


  • This is typically when menopause happens, and it takes a huge toll on the skin and you will see significant changes.
  • There is less collagen in the skin, which makes the skin looser.  Your body is creating less sebum, which makes you dryer.  You may start to feel like your skin is sagging.
  • Those fine lines start to look like wrinkles.
  • Use products that “plump up” the skin,  fill in wrinkles, encourage collagen and increase cell production.

60’s and Beyond

  • Mature skin is always very dry, stay hydrated.
  • Enjoy the rewards of life long skin care!
  • At this age, most women feel comfortable in their own skin.  You are wise and beautiful, your confidence radiates from your glowing face!

21 thoughts on “Skin Care at All Ages

  1. I’m 23 and have never really had acne problems, but the past few months my chin area has really been acting up. I have combination skin and got a clarisonic for christmas. Any suggestions?

    1. Your skin could be purging from beginning use of a clarisonic. The other possibility is hormonal changes (which is just a phase at your age) or toxins in the stomach. In that case, try some herbal tea, fiber and lots of water. I use BioElements Breakout Control to spot treat break outs.

    2. Grace, I too got a clarisonic just after Christmas. The acne I’ve suffered from on my cheeks for years has gone away! However, like you my chin is a wreck. Lots of little white bumps just under my lip and 4-5 full blown pimples consistently. I blame it on hitting the 3 week mark on my clarisonic and my aesthetician recently blamed it on time of the month (weird she can tell by my skin lol) . I have dry skin so I’m trying not to overload on drying acne products so I’m just trying to stay on top of my normal skin care routine and hoping for the best as my skin gets used to the clarisonic. Good luck!

    3. I would also say to consider your diet, I know that when I have been bad, I tend to break out on my forehead and chin…
      I used to suffer from severe cystic acne, when first started using my clarisonic, I broke out like crazy, but now my skin is better than ever!

      Listening to Rachel’s skin tips, and creating good habits has changed my skins life!
      Good luck!

  2. Hi,
    First I want to say that I love your posts, they’re so informative! :)
    I was just wondering what are some things you would recommend for dark spots/hyperpigmentation. I’m 20 years old and I have all of these little spots left over from acne in the past. I’ve tried a few things, but they haven’t worked at all. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you so much! :)

  3. Hi Rachel,
    A burning question: Years ago I heard/read that skincare lines were made to work together. So naturally I thought I should buy my regime from the same line. Is this true or not? I’m always watching Jaclyn’s videos and am amazed at all the different products from different lines she uses on her skin. And of course it looks flawless! I’m dying to know your thoughts on the matter. I’m all for trying new things and would love to try some of the products she recommends, but I’m a little nervous. Can something from one company counteract something from another company? LOVE your blog! Thank you!!!!! xx

    1. Great question! Years ago I had someone tell me the same thing. Yes, skin care lines are made to work well with each other. But the more important thing is that skin care products are made to work well with your skin. So it doesn’t matter if you use skin care products from all different lines, as long as the products are ph balanced and work in harmony with your skin.

      1. Hooray!! Now on to the tricky part; to figure out what works for me. I’ll work it out! :) THANK YOU!!! xx

  4. Thanks for the tips! I should remember to exfoliate and use a mask more often – however regular use of my clarisonic has changed my face. It’s amazing

  5. Hi Rachel
    I have major dark circles under my eyes and I’m only 32. I’ve just finished school and work full time so I just blamed it on stress and lack of sleep but I was hoping there was something out there to help me out now that I am under less stress and sleeping more. Please help if possible! :(

    1. The dark circles are most likely from stress and lack of sleep. I use MAC prep & prime, in radiant rose. This primes the under eye area, gives a natural glow (as if you’re rested and stress free) and is the perfect base for your concealer.

  6. Hi Rachel
    First I just want to say I love your blog!!! Thanks to you and your sis I have just recently gotten serious about my skin care routine. I purchased the Clarisonic and have been using that for about 4 months now. I also starting using a mask once a week (from Lush of course). I am in my early 30’s and have normal skin. I was just wondering what I should be using for anti-aging products. Could you give me some examples or any recommendations on products? Thanks :)

  7. Hi Rachel!
    I just love your blog I think your posts are so helpful! Thanks to your steps I have been taking way better care of my skin! I’m 23 years old what would be a great exfoliator that you would recommend?

    1. The exfoliator I’m currently using that I’m obsessed with is LUSH Ocean Sea Salt Scrub. Another great way to exfoliate is organic sugar. Put a little in your hand and rub around on a wet face.

  8. Hi Rachel!
    I have recently started accutain and my skin is super dry which is the biggest side effect. I’m not sure if I’m supposed to just let my skin be dry dry for 6 months or if I can moisturize while I’m on it but I already had dry skin and I don’t know what to use at all! It’s so painful and I need help! Any suggestions? Thanks!

  9. Love love your blog! So informative and entertaining. I will turn 32 in a couple of weeks and I think I really need to take my skin care routine more seriously. I have an 8 month old baby boy and I work full time. The lack of sleep and just running around like a mad woman hasn’t don’t any favors for my skin, especially under my eyes. I would love if you could recommend any good and effective eye treatments for day and night. Thanks so much!

  10. I had a skin-related issue I was hoping you could help me with. I’m 23 and just had an anterior lumbar spinal fusion (back surgery) and have a really large incision. Once it closes and my stitches come out, is there anything you recommend to reduce the scarring? Thank you so much I appreciate your help.

  11. I’m 22 and I do a lot of the things you suggest one should do/have as a skin care regimen but I have some concerns. I have mild dark circles, nearer towards the inner corner of my eye, and I am pretty sure they are hereditary. What eye cream/treatment would you recommend I use for them? I know vitamin K helps when you have dark circles stemming from leakage but I’m 90% sure mine are just hereditary (I’m italian). I have tried several eye creams with light reflecting particles but my biggest thing is I don’t want to mask them, I want to treat them! Also, I wanted to try a face oil but wasn’t sure which one would be the best for me. I have combination skin type and am sensitive and acne prone. I want a face oil that brightens and makes my skin glow as well as has anti-aging properties. Any help with this would be appreciated! I love your blog <3 keep it up!!!!

  12. Hi! I am 21 years old and like you and your sister I love skin care and makeup! Without you two I would be lost with all the products out there. So my question to you is what eye creams do you suggest for someone my age, who has the fine line already showing? Love love love every post you do on skin care!

  13. Hi im 26 years old and i love makeup!!! However i have roseaca and sometimes it makes my makeup not look so good. What kind of products would you recommand i use?

  14. Hi Rachel!

    I’m 33 and have always wanted a good eye cream. Luckily I don’t have any lines/wrinkles around my eyes yet (knock on wood) and would like a cream that could help maintain it that way as long as possible. There are so many products out there and I have no idea what to get. Any good recommendations?


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