Sigma March Specials & Must Haves

If you haven’t tried Sigma brushes yet, it’s time for you to jump on board!  They have the best quality brushes for the best price!  About a year ago I bought my first Sigma brush, the F80.  Since then I have purchased every brush they make and replaced all of my other brushes.  March is a great time to take the leap into the Sigma pool.
You will thank me!

Here is a coupon to save 10% on your order!

Sigma March Coupon 10% OFF


AND, with a $30 purchase you get this E25 travel size brush for FREE!  I love this brush!  I use it every day!

Sigma E25 Brush FREE

My sister, Jaclyn Hill, put together a brush essential kit.  I use all of these brushes every day.  You can create a basic look, or an evening smoky eye with these brushes.  Perfect for a beginner or an expert make-up artist.
Original Price $113 / Special pricing $90
Only available March 1st – 31st

Jaclyn Hill Sigma expert beauty box

There are 3 brushes I would add to this essential kit to give you everything you need to create any look.

F20 – Use this brush for powder or bronzer

Sigma F20

F10 – Use this brush for your blush

Sigma F10

E45 – I use this brush on the outer corner of the eye to give a smoky eye

Sigma E45

One more tip about Sigma – You can buy the gold and copper bushes separately.  They are a couple dollars more than the silver and it makes me feel so fancy using a brush with 18k gold on it!

11 thoughts on “Sigma March Specials & Must Haves

    1. Where did u order them from? Am trying to get them for my wife for Mother’s Day.

  1. I have been following Jaclyn’s videos for a while now. I love both of your blogs! Anyway, about a year ago, I ordered the Sigma F80 and a couple of other brushes from Sigma. I love them all, but I’ve noticed that the F80 seems to shed pretty bad. Is that normal or have I done something to mess it up? I try to be really careful with them, but who knows! Have you had a problem with this or do I just need to order a new one?

    1. Hi Brandy! I’ve had my F80 for a year and I’ve never had it shed once. I would try getting a new one.

        1. I bought one and it shed really bad to. I contacted sigma and they sent me a new one because mine was falling to pieces!

  2. I would buy Jaclyn’s kit, but when she did her video about her favorite brushes awhile back I watched it with a note pad! I bought every brush she recommended already. I love her and am glad she led me to your blog! Are you going to start a youtube channel???? I love skin care!!

  3. I actually ordered this one from Amazon, so I’m not sure if Sigma would still replace it, but I’ve ordered my new one from Sigma, so if it happens again, which it probably wont, I’ll definitely be calling them. Thanks!

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