She is My Sunshine

you are my sunshine

Poncho ($38) / Frame Flare Jeans (obsessed! Best fit ever!!) / Bag (old/sold out) similar here, and here, love this, splurge / Booties (so similar) / Hat

My daughter, Sofia, is one of the most amazing people I have ever met!  She has a zest for life and an ability to always see the good in everything.  It is built into her soul to be kind and have compassion to every person who crosses her path.  She is so creative and views the world differently than anyone else.  She has her head in the clouds and her feet not on the ground.  She has a confidence that can’t be faked.  She is always willing to help and share.  She is that person that always sees the glass half full and always has a smile.  She is truly a remarkable person.  I wish as her mother I could take credit for all her amazingness.  But I can’t, she was born this way.  It is truly an honor to be apart of her life.  When she walks into a room, she lights it up.  She is my sunshine!

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fall, leaves changing

poncho, flare jeans, floppy hat

flare jeans, bucket bag, poncho

frame denim flare jeans

70's fall style

flare jeans, poncho

poncho, flare jeans, fall style

3 thoughts on “She is My Sunshine

  1. What a beautiful description of your child :) it is true that children are born with the best qualities of their selves and parent(s) or caregivers help nuture those qualities. Your daughter will truly appreciate those words written by her mom when she’s older. Love love love your family posts! It makes me stop and think about how much I appreciate my young family but don’t really sit down and put it into words. Thanks for the inspiration????

  2. Love the way it looks on you. Hope it looks great on me too, because i orderd the poncho.. what a beautiful pic of her in the air… xo

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