Raw Shea Butter

Shea Butter is my skin’s best friend!  It is loaded with Vitamin A & E, both are extremely moisturizing and healing to the skin.   Shea butter is a seed oil that comes from the African Shea Tree called karite tree, which mean Tree of Life.  And no wonder!

Check out 13 benefits of shea butter:

  1. Dry Skin – including eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, skin cracks, ashy skin
  2. Reduces appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, scars
  3. Prevention of stretch marks during pregnancy
  4. Anti-Inflammatory
  5. Over night body moisturizer
  6. Windburn Treatment
  7. Relief for sunburn, minor burns, bug bites, rash
  8. Itchy Skin
  9. Reduces Redness
  10. Great for Sensitive Skin
  11. Skin rash
  12. Frost bites
  13. Massage for aching muscles

I started applying shea butter every night before bed 2 weeks ago.  You can see a before and after picture of the eczema I have.  It has improved so much!  I’m hoping it will be completely gone in another week or 2.  My favorite way to apply it is to first whip it up.  It makes the shea butter so creamy and luxurious!

Eczema Eczema improved after shea butter

~How to make Whipped Raw Shea Butter~

When you purchase raw shea butter is comes in a brick.

african raw shea butter

Cut it up into 2 inch sections.

raw shea butter cut up

Put it in your mixer, or a bowl and use a hand mixer.

mixing up raw shea butter

Beat it on low/medium speed for the first 2 minutes to avoid the shea butter from splattering out of the bowl.  Then beat on high speed for about 10 minutes, scraping the sides every 1-2 minutes.  You are done when it looks like fluffy buttercream frosting.

whipped raw shea butter

This jar was $3 at Hobby Lobby.  It’s 24 oz, as you can see it’s filled up about half way.

whipped raw shea butter

A little bit goes a long way.  This amount of whipped shea butter will last me a couple months.  Not bad for only $10!  It is on the thicker side and takes a little longer to soak in.  It’s ideal for putting on before bed.  If you have dry skin I would highly recommend giving this a try.  It’s done wonders for my skin!

14 thoughts on “Raw Shea Butter

  1. Wow that’s really great. I use mine for stretch mark during the pregnancy. But never knew it works amazingly with the eczema too.
    Another thing, I never use the mixer I just warm it in my hand with some almond oil all over my body before bed time or after shower.

    1. Yes you can. Definitely use it at night time. It’s too heavy for day time.

  2. does it have any kind of fragrance? aveeno hasnt helped for my sons eczema but this looks like it might help!

    1. There is no fragrance added. There is a slight smell, which is naturally there. If there is a scent you want, you can add almond oil or mint oil (or one of your choice). I put this on my kids in the winter. It’s completely safe for kids.

  3. Hi Rachel! I use this too! Love it! My sister-in-law created a line of organic shea butter-based whipped body creams with added essential oils, and she sells them on her website– check it out, the work is done right in her kitchen! http://www.genevasorganics.com/ She also has chapsticks (which are AMAZING) and scrubs, etc. All homemade, and organic.

    1. Looks awesome! I thought about adding essential oils to the whipped shea butter.

  4. Will it work for people with rosacea? I have lots of redness due to rosacea on my face and my skin is very sensitive. Id love to try it

  5. coastal scents does not have this product anymore. They have cocoa butter. Does anyone know where else to get it? I’ve checked online but cannot find this exact product

  6. Rachel, I’m still having lots of trouble understanding my skin. For some reason when I get a breakout, which I’m getting one every single time I use my clarisonic, it turns into an acne scar, and I do not pick at them! I don’t understand. It literally takes weeks for it to turn into a scar, I try to use drying lotion to make it go away and nothing. Anything I can do about these acne scars? Also I get sooooo red on my nose and my cheeks anytime I do anything, redness advice? Thank you

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