Rainy Day

rain boots, rain jackets

For Her: ASOS Rain Trench | Sloosh Rain Boot | Umbrella | ASOS Rain Parka | Chooka ‘Top Solid’ Rain Boot | Hooded Rain Coat | Dav Riverpool Rain Booties

Hor Him: ‘WeatherTec Sanders’ Wind & Water Jacket | Tretorn ‘Gunnar’ Rain Boot

For Kids: ‘Pink Kitty’ Umbrella | Hello Kitty Rain Jacket | Boden Printed Wellies | Spiderman Rain Boots | Waterproof Rain Jacket

We have had 3 rainy days in the last week and I realized that my whole family does not have the right gear to endure all this rain.  I keep running through parking lots in converse and a hoodie and getting soaked.  Today I’m sitting down and picking out some rain gear for myself and my family so we can all stay dry (and look cute at the same time!)

Have a happy and dry Thursday :)