Nordstrom Clearance Sale

Nordstrom is having a Clearance Sale, up to 40% off with free shipping and returns.  Check out some of my favorites from the sale:

Some times when there is a big sale it’s difficult to know where to start and it can be easy to get overwhelmed.  I always start by thinking if there are any holes in my closet that need to be filled. Maybe I need a new sweater or pair of jeans or a new dress for all the Holiday parties.  Winter is coming, do I have a coat and boots?  Possibly my handbag is starting to look a little worn and I need to replace it.  Or maybe there are some closet basics that I need; things like bras & underwear, pj’s, t-shirts, a pair of black pumps, etc.  Some times there is just something fun that I want that I wouldn’t typically buy at full price; something like sparkly shoes or fun earrings.  Then I always look at my favorite brands to see what’s on sale.  If Current Elliot or J Brand denim is on sale I always buy it.  They are my favorite jeans and always fit perfect.  I use the filters that Nordstrom has on their site to sort out my favorite brands and my favorite departments of their store.  This helps me narrow down the amount of items I’m looking at and helps me to find what I want.

I hope you enjoy and have fun shopping these amazing deals!


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