Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018 :: My Top Picks & What’s in My Cart!!!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Best of 2018

The day is finally here for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!!  I mark this day on my calendar months in advance and look forward to it every year! For the past 10 years (not joking!) I would always stay up late waiting to see everything on the sale (it loads on the website at 3:00am my time).  I was fortunate enough this year to shop the sale a day early.  I am so excited to share with you all the amazing items I have found!!!

These are my top picks of the sale.  This is everything I purchased, plus many more things I plan to purchase (there are many items that are for online only).  Or items I think are amazing, but didn’t purchase because I have something similar at home.

Stay tuned to all my socials and here on the blog as I post more about the sale in the next week.  I plan on doing a try on haul on my IG stories of everything I purchased from the sale.

Here are my top picks and everything I am adding to my cart!

Women’s Clothing

Women’s Shoes

Handbags & Accessories


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  1. Ohhh That Egg mask and wash burned my face.. Oddly enough Infound it at TJ Max Bummed me out, it was soo cute!

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