MakeUp Brush Must Haves

So many makeup brushes out there, some times it’s hard to know where to start.  I have broken it down into 2 sets.  The 1st set is the basic starter brushes.  These are the ones that every single girl should own, no matter what your makeup level is.  If you want to wear makeup, you need these brushes.  The 2nd set is brushes to add on to your collection when you want to try new looks or advance how you are wearing your makeup.  Just to warn you, all my brushes are Sigma (I think they are the best!)

basic makeup brushes must have

Basic Starter Brushes
In Set #1 you will find the following brushes (from left to right): Foundation, Concealer, Blush, Fluffly Blending, All Over Lid, Eyeliner Pencil.

Foundation – I use the F80 Kabuki.  This gives an airbrush finish to your foundation.  So beautiful!

Concealer – F86 Tapered Kabuki.  This brush is big enough to cover my entire under eye area with concealer and any other red spots around my face in a matter of seconds.  It leaves you with the same airbrushed look as the F80.

Blush – F10 Powder/Blush.  This brush is not to big or to small, it’s the Goldilocks of blush brushes :)

Fluffly Blending – E40 Tapered Blending.  After you apply a shadow all over the lid, use this brush to apply shadow to your crease.  It will buff out the shadow and give a nice natural look to the shadow.

All Over Lid – E55 Eye Shading.  You need a brush to put on that shadow all over the lid.  This one is perfect.

Eyeliner Pencil – E30 Pencil.  This brush is used for a multitude of reasons.  I dip it in eye shadow and apply it as eyeliner.  Depending on how much shadow you apply, it will give a natural look or a smoked out look.  I also use this brush to blend out the shadow on my lower lash line for a blown out look.  Definite must have!

add on makeup brushes

Add On Brushes once you have all in Set #1
In Set #2 you will find (from left to right): Eyeliner, Small Precise, Highlighting, Bronzer, Tapered Blending, Blending, Small Tapered Blending.

Eyeliner – E65 Small Angle.  This brush gives you a straight defined line for your eyeliner.  Use it with gel liner or eyeshadow.

Small Precise – E20 Short Shader.  I use this brush to apply my highlight on my brow bone and the inner corner of the eye.  It small enough to fit in those small places and put the highlight just where I want it.

Highlighting – F35 Tapered Highlighting.  This brush is used to apply and under eye setting or highlighting powder.  Also use this brush to apply your highlight on the cheek bone.

Bronzer – F20 Large Powder.  Perfect size for getting the bronzer in the hallows on my cheek and blending/buffing it out.  Gives a natural sun kissed look.

Tapered Blending E35 & Blending E25.  These brushes are used for similar purposes but give a different look.  I use both for apply shadow and blending in my crease, outer corner and some times all over the lid.  The tapered blending E35 has longer bristles so it will give a more blown out look.  While the blending E25 will apply more shadow right were you want it.

Small Tapered Blending – E45 Blending.  This brush is my newest obsession!!  Any time I want a smokey dramatic look this is the brush I grab for.  I use it in the outer corner to apply and blend out the shadow.  It’s amazing!!!!

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  1. Do you know where I could find a detailed description on how to properly use these? I am somewhate of a beginner. I know a bit but sometimes I second guess myself. lol! Thank you!

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