Dark Spots, Acne Scars, Textured Skin

Sun spots, age spots, brown spots, acne scars, pit marks, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, textured skin… We all have issues with our skin that we want fixed.  But how?  I have to first talk really quick about prevention.  Prevention is so important for all these skin concerns.  Wear sunscreen, don’t pick, healthy diet, drink water, have a good skin care regimen with good products.  Prevention is always easier than fixing a problem.  And never ever use alcohol or products that have alcohol in it on your skin!  Alcohol will never fix anything on your skin, it will only cause more damage and worsen your skin.

So you didn’t prevent, or the problems just happened.  Some times that zit that lasted only a couple days leaves a brown spot for months.  Or maybe you had hormonal acnes that left scarring.  Whatever the case is, I’m sure you don’t like it.  Let’s take care of it!

Clarisonic- Clarisonic is a deep cleansing tool that gets deep inside the pores, thoroughly cleaning the skin and eliminating skin texture.  By cleaning so deeply this prepares the skin to absorb any products you put on, allowing you to get the full benefits of each product you are using.

Glycolic Acid- Your Best Friend!!!  Glycolic acid improves skin texture and appearance.  It stimulates collagen production and elastin fibers, reducing acne scaring, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation.  For home use you can get products with 10%-20% glycolic acid.  For higher % of glycolic acid you will have to visit a dermatologist or some estheticians.

Important to know about using glycolic acid:  When any product with glycolic acid is on your skin, this will make your skin sun sensitive.  You must wear a sunscreen if you have any glycolic acid on your skin.  I use my glycolic acid treatments at night before bed.  Then I wash my face in the morning.  This way I’m never out in the sun while any glycolic acid is on my skin.

There are many different types of products with glycolic acid.  The ones I feel are most effective are gylcolic acid peels, retuxurizing pads, treatments (similar to a mask), moisturizer.  Here are some products I recommend:

  • Cane & Austin Retexurizing Pads.  This is my #1 recommendation.  It’s so easy to use and it works!!  All you do is take out 1 pad and rub it around your face, avoiding the eye area.  It will burn or tingle a little, that’s ok.  You will probably be slightly red for a few hours, that’s normal too.  (this is why I do it before bed)  Within 1 week of using it, all the brown spots I had from previous break outs were gone.  And most of my husband’s acne scaring was gone.  We were also using Cane & Austin Eye Cream and Retexurizing Moisture Cream.  I use this every night if I have issues I’m clearing up.  To keep my skin clear I use it 3-4 times a week, at night only.  I never experienced any dryness from using these products.  Not only has my dark spots cleared up, but my fine lines have also gone away and my skin is glowing more than ever.  My skin hasn’t looked this good since I was 18!
  • Ellen Lange Retexurizing Peel Kit.   This peel kit will even out skin tone, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, diminish hyperpigmentation and acne scarring.  Use as much as once a week or as little as once a month, depending on your needs.  You will see results in as little as 1 use and your skin will continue to improve with each use.  Make sure you read and follow the directions that come with the kit.  When applying the treatment, a burning or tingling feeling is normal.  Most likely you will be red for a few hours after, so plan accordingly.  The next day is when you will see results!
  • GlamGlow SuperMud Clearing Treatment.  This is a treatment, use just like a mask, to clear up breakouts, whiteheads, blackheads and skin discoloration related to break outs.  This will also brighten and soften the skin.  I would recommend a treatment like this for someone who has a skin care routine that you like, but need that extra boost to improve what you are already doing.

Retinol/Retinoid- Comes from Vitamin A, boosts collagen and speeds up cell turn over.  This powerful ingredient helps to retexurize, even out discoloration, prevent wrinkles, brighten and soften the skin.  You will need to use any product with retinol in it for at least 2-4 weeks to see results.  Retinol can cause redness or dryness.  Using these products at night is ideal.  If dryness occurs, use less often.

I love all of the retinol products by Dr. Brandt.  They are gently, yet effective!  The Overnight Resurfacing Serum and Ruby Crystal Retinol Hydracreme work awesome together to promote natural cell turnover and improve skin texture and tone.  I’ve been using the Dr Brandt Revitalizing Retinol Eye Cream and love it so much!  It gives a natural, healthy glow.  Like my skin is glowing from within!

Both gylcolic acid and retinol are serious ingredients in treating the skin.  They give great results!  But should also be used properly and with caution.  Both can cause redness, dryness or sensitivity.  Introduce only 1 of these ingredients at a time to your skin.  If you are having any negative effects, use less often.  Gylcolic acid and retinol should never be used in the same regimen, but you can use them at different times.  Example: on Monday night you can use all products with gylcolic acid.  Then on Tuesday night use products with retinol.  What NOT to do: on Monday use gylcolic acid treatment pads, retinol eye cream and gylcolic acid moisture cream.  Don’t mix gylcolic acid and retinol at the same time.

Trying to take care of skin that has any issues can be frustrating and difficult.  I want every woman to feel comfortable in her own skin.  If you have any questions leave a comment below and I will try to answer :)

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34 thoughts on “Dark Spots, Acne Scars, Textured Skin

  1. Thank you love your blog posts!!:) is there anything to lighten all my freckles! I know they are a part of me but with sun and everything there is so many :)

    1. By trying to lighten your freckles you are trying to lighten your skin. By wearing a sunscreen of spf 30 or higher every time you are in the sun you will prevent your freckles form getting darker. Embrace your freckles! They are beautiful!

  2. I have horribly dry skin even in the summer. What is a good moisturizer to use? I find a lot with mineral oil listed as an ingredient in most of them. Even higher end skin care. Thanks!

  3. I was just in Sephora yesterday asking the lady what to use for acne scars and the little indents they left in my skin. They’re fairly early to cover but I can see the indents in my reflection and it bothers me to no end! She suggested a Kate Sommerville product but she didn’t convince me very well that it would work. I’m going to try the products you mentioned. You seem so passionate about helping women (or men) to look their best! :) thank you!

  4. Thanks for your article. It is ok to use glycol acid in the morning (with sunscreen) and retin A (tretinoin) at night or should the treatments be at least 24 hours apart?

  5. OMG!!!!! You read my mind! Your phenominal! I use witch hazel as a toner after I wash my face with philosophy purity. It has a little alcohol in it. So your saying not to use it even if it has a small percent of alcohol?

  6. Thanks! I also wanted to know what drug store foundation you recommend if any to use? I have hormonal acne skin for the past two years. I also get really oily with foundation on but I need to cover blemishes and my brown- dark spots. I also have creasing under the eyelid when I use concealer? Any recommendations, please and thank you again

  7. Love this post!!! My doctor recently put me on retin-a 0.025% and I only use it at night. Can I still use my Murad salicylic acne wash in the morning or do you recommend another cleanser? I have combination oily skin but its getting a bit dry because of the retin-a

  8. How can I help my skin recover from an acid peel the best? I am moisturizing a lot, but do you have any other tips? :) this was very informative, thank you!

  9. What is your opinion on micro needle rollers? From what I’ve read they are suppose to work really well for acne scarring & hyper pigmentation. The device looks scary & freaks me out a bit to think about all those needles puncturing my skin, not to mention the pain associated with it. Thank you!

  10. I tried the clarisonic for about 2.5 months so I could really give it a go before the return date came. I tried it so many different ways, once a week twice a week, once a day ect. I guess it was just way too harsh it broke me out the whole time i used it and left me with horrible acne scars that still haven’t cleared. They’re getting better but I got them in January so it’s been so long! Thank you for the other tips and recommendations :) xx

  11. Great post! I just purchased the Cane & Austin Retexturizing Pads to help with the indents and dark spots left behind by acne. Thank you! :)

  12. Fabulous, fabulous post! Thank you so much Rachael! This is so helpful, and in addition to your explanations and insight, I really appreciate your leads to good products in the sea of the crazy making cosmetic industry!

  13. I have a question! I noticed you said to never mix glycolic acid and retinal in the same instance. Currently, I use the PTR Un-wrinkle peel pads nightly, as directed. Then followed with PTR retinal fusion PM. I was curious if this regimen was OK because I have heard this before, not to use glycolic acid and retinal together. I haven’t had any irritation, at all, but my skin is FAR from sensitive. I also use a salicylic acid treatment in the AM! I emailed PTR and asked if these products can be used in conjunction with one another and he said yes, and that these products are designed to be used together. So I’m just wondering why you say you shouldn’t use them together? Is it just to make sure your skin doesn’t get irritated? There are so many contradictions about mixing glycolic acid and retinal, I dont know what to believe! Is there too many exfoliates in my skin care regimen?

  14. I have annoying combination acne prone skin…..I use a lot of products from the Murad line many of which one of the ingredients is which hazel and alcohol denat. Should I not be putting these ingredients on my skin???

    1. I am 25 and I have annoying combination acne prone skin…..I use a lot of products from the Murad line many of which one of the ingredients is which hazel and alcohol denat. Should I not be putting these ingredients on my skin???

  15. Do you ever use products with Vitamin C? How would you use that in your routine? My skin is REALLY dry, so I’m always trying to be careful of that fact as well.

  16. Great post Rach! I am 8 weeks pregnant and my hormones are on overdrive creating breakouts and a bumpy complexion. Any product recommendations that are safe for pregnancy? Is the LUSH company completely safe?


  17. hi:) im 15 and i used to have really oily skin but recently its been really dry and flaky and ive been getting lots of texture and breakouts. is there anything that can help? and should i still be using products for oily skin?

    1. At your age hormones and the skin are changing a lot. It’s possible that your products for oily skin are drying you out to much, or that your skin has changed to dry. Try using products for combination skin and see how your skin reacts to those.

  18. I have hormonal acne skin for the past two years. I also get really oily with foundation on but I need to cover blemishes and my brown- dark spots. I also have creasing under the eyelid when I use concealer? Any recommendations, please and thank you again

  19. i use Sea Breeze for Sensitive Skin and it has alcohol in it …get rid of it?

  20. I recently purchased the Cane & Austin retexturizing pads, moisturizer and eye cream I have noticed a huge difference in my skin already and this is the best my skin has been in years but I’m having an issue with the makeup remover cloths I use at night. Before bed I use E.L.F remover cloths then I cleanse with Fresh Soy Cleanser and then the re texturizing pads and moisturizer, I’m getting a burning sensation on my face after using the E.L.F wipes can you suggest face wipes that don’t do this?

    1. I would recommend to stop using the makeup remover wipes. Fresh Soy cleanser is a cleanser and makeup remover, so you don’t need an extra makeup remover wipe.

  21. Could you recommend and eye cream for the actual lid that will help with elasticity? My eye lids are not very tight.

  22. Hello!
    I have used a product with glycolic acid. It is the Glycolic Mask by Andalou Naturals and it has left my skin with a weird texture. It seems as if my skin is in the process of peeling or just renewing itself, but I hate how it looks. Is there anything I can do to speed up the process and get my skin to normal again?

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