Easy Full Eyebrows

For me, my eyebrows have been a huge struggle my whole life.   In my teen years I had Brooke Shields eyebrows and thin brows were in style.  So I was over tweezing, over waxing, over doing everything to thin out those bushes for eyebrows I had.  I can’t tell you how many times I waxed off entire chunks of my eyebrows and walked around with a bald spot for weeks.  Now a full brow is in style.  But not just any full brow, a “tailored” full brow.  They need to look full, yet under control and managed.  Again, not that easy for mine.  If I let them grow in to their fullest potential they look like out of control jungles.

Full brows is very on trend right now, and it will continue to be on trend through the fall.  It’s important to tweeze to get the shape you want.  Click here to read my post on how to tweeze.  Then to create the fullness you need to fill them in.   I like anything that is easy and simple, and very hard to mess up.  So I use Anastasia Brow Powder Duo, in color ‘soft brown’.  This will give you a soft, natural looking full brow.  No harsh lines that can some times happen with a pencil.

Anastasia brow powder duo

applying anastasia brow powder

I’m using MAC brush #228, dabbing a little Anastasia Brow Powder.  Put a little on first, you can always add more.  Gently apply the powder to the entire brow, making sure to fill in the entire area.  The more powder you put on the more intense brow you will have.  For a more natural look, apply less.  Your brows will instantly be fuller.  And this powder will not move all day!

applying anastasia tinted brow gel

Then I’m setting the brow with Anastasia tinted brow gel, in color ‘espresso’.  Without this brow gel, my brows would fling all over the place throughout the day.  This brow gel holds like super glue!  But you can’t even tell it’s there, it looks so natural.

Rachel Barkules full brows

As you can see, brows make a huge difference!  It’s the finishing touch that completes the look!

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