Holiday Shopping Guide: Gadgets

Gadgets Holiday Shopping Guide

Smart Phone Deck / Frends + Baublebar Headphone Set / Crosley Radio ‘Songbird’ Radio / Crosley Radio ‘Corsair’ Clock Radio /  Selfie Stick / Marshall Speaker / Crosely Radio ‘Collegiate’ Turntable / Shure Sound Isolating Earbuds / Sony RX100 / Kindle Paperwhite / Jawbone

I love and hate gadgets all at the same time.  They are amazing and make my life easier, if I know how to use them.  This gadget gift guide is gadgets that I currently use or want to have in my life.  I have the Marshall speaker sitting in my kitchen.  This is what I use with bluetooth with my iPhone to listen to my music while I’m home.  It has a vintage look with amazing sound!  I use the Sony NEX6 for most of my Instagram pics, but it is now discontinued and sold out mostly everywhere.  The Sony RX100 is their next model.  I love these headphones that collabs with Baublebar that you get a sparkly pair of headphones plus a pair of earrings.  The Shure earbuds are amazing.  They are sound isolating, which is perfect for using anywhere in public; on the train, airplane or walking the streets.  My hubby uses the Kindle paperwhite to read all of his books.  It literally looks like paper, just like a book.  He can read it in the sun and there is no glare.  Download books, some for free with an Amazon prime membership.

I just discovered the Jawbone today!  I want it in my life so much starting January 1st (lol!!). It tracks everything including: steps, exercise, sleep, fitness, calories burned, hours slept, quality of sleep; track your food, drink, calories, nutrients.  I mean, this is the personal assistant I have been wanting in my life.