High Waisted Pencil Skirt

elizabeth and james darci pencil skirt

Elizabeth & James Skirt | Topshop Crop Top | Joie ‘Quinn’ Sandals | Givenchy Bag | BCBG Necklace | Alexis Bittar Bracelet | Swarovski Earrings

This outfit is something very different for me and far outside my comfort zone.  First, it shows a little bit of my midriff and second it shows all my curves (which I usually try to hide).  I would have never picked this out or even tried in on shopping by myself.

When my mom and sister were in town we all went shopping and Jaclyn picked this outfit out and made me try it on.  In my mind I was think “yeah right this will work on me!”.  But as soon as I put it on I was very surprised at how much I loved it.  Showing my curves made me feel womanly and sexy.  I couldn’t wait to get home and wear it for John!

I want to encourage you to step outside your comfort zone when it comes to fashion.  I don’t have a perfect stick skinny toned body, and on most days I just want to cover up my problem areas.  But putting something like this on made me feel confident and like a grown ass woman who can take on the world!!

Thank you to my sister and Mom who not just nudged me outside my comfort zone, but threw me an entire ocean away from my comfort zone!! :)

ps- This bag is my Christmas present from John.  He was to excited to wait for Christmas, so he gave it to me early.  I couldn’t think of a better outfit to debut it on my blog!

joie quinn sandal, elizabeth & james pencil skirt

givenchy antigona black, elizabeth and james pencil skirt, topshop crop top, bcbg necklace

givenchy antigona small black, pencil skirt, joie quinn sandals

givenchy antigona, elizabeth and james, joie, topshop

topshop crop top, givenchy antigona, elizabeth & james skirt

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