GLAMGLOW Flashmud Brightening Treatment

GLAMGLOW FlashMud Brightening Treatment

I have always been a fan of GlamGlow masks.  I think they work amazingly and deliver great results to the skin.  Naturally, I was so excited when I saw they came out with a new one.  The new one is Flashmud Brightening Treatment.  Or if you are like me I call them by their color, this is the orange one.

Here is what Flashmud Brightening Treatment does for the skin:

  • Brightens, lightens skin
  • Creates most luminous, younger looking skin possible
  • Color-balanced & evens skintone
  • Skin appears more radiant & attractive

The directions say to use it on pre-exfoliated skin 3 days in a row when you first get it, then 2-3 times a week to maintain results.  I used the mask as directed 3 nights in a row before bed.  I would definitely use it on pre-exfoliated skin as directed as this is a little rough and will exfoliate your skin.  Leave it on for a minimum of 20 minutes then wash it off with warm water.

This mask may leave your skin a little red, so I recommend using it before bed.  The first time I used it I noticed minimal results.  The 2nd night I noticed a lot more results.  But I did notice my skin was feeling dry after using it 2 nights in a row.  Keep in mind my skin is very dry.  The 3rd night of using it I followed with Fresh Rose Face Mask (a moisturizing mask).  The combination of the 2 masks left my skin amazing!!

Results I noticed on my skin:

  • More even skintone
  • Brighter, more radiant skin
  • Natural, glow from within appearance
  • Lightening of dark spots

This mask works on all skin types.  If you are dry like me this mask may dry you out a little.  Using a moisturizing mask after will give you the best results.

If you are looking for a mask that brightens the skin I have not used one that compares to GlamGlow Flashmud Brightening Treatment!!!

9 thoughts on “GLAMGLOW Flashmud Brightening Treatment

  1. I’m so interested in this! I love Glam Glow and my skin gets so dry in the colder months. I’m def going to check this out!

  2. Hi! I love your skin care posts!!! You made a post a while ago about a product that helped heal your husbands acne scars. I believe they were glycolic pads? Would you still recommend those for fading acne scars or do you think this mask would be more beneficial? I have very dry skin as well and the acne is all gone, but the scars remain!

    1. If you are wanting something just for fading acne scars I would go with the Cane & Austin glycolic pads (carried at Sephora). This mask does fade spots, but not as intense as the glycloc pads.

  3. Hi Rachel! Out of all the glamglow masks which one is your favorite and would recommend and why? Thank you!

  4. my skin became more dry this year esp tzone using thirstymud mask now, i love brightening skincare but im afraid my skin will be very dry :c

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