Freeze Clean Your Jeans

I think by now most of us know we are not supposed to wash and dry our nice denim.  Why?  All denim has some amount of spandex in it, the washing and drying process will shrink up the spandex.  Then when you wear your denim it will stretch out.  So you will feel the need to shrink them again, stretch, shrink, stretch, shrink… 6 months later your jeans are not the same.  If you are in a desperate situation, you can wash your jeans inside out on cold and hang dry.  But the perfect way to clean your denim is to freeze clean.  Especially with any kind of waxed denim or leather pants.  If you put those in the washing machine they will be destroyed!

How to freeze clean your jeans:  

Spot clean stains and let jeans dry completely.

spot treat your jeans

Fold them neatly.

freeze clean your jeans

Put them in a freezer zip lock bag, close tightly without air.

freeze clean your jeans

Put in freezer and leave in for 24 hours.  It won’t hurt the denim to be in longer, but 24 hours is all you need.

freeze clean your jeans

Thaw, wear, repeat!

What does freeze cleaning do?  It removes all the odors and reshapes your denim.

Now you can enjoy your denim for many years!  And you should, you spent good money on those jeans!


9 thoughts on “Freeze Clean Your Jeans

  1. How does it remove odors? Can you add a dryer sheet for that fresh smelling scent? Or would that be kind of pointless since it’s going to freeze?

  2. Hi Rachel, I really hope you reply to me this time! I have been doing research on this method but I have a few questions. Most articles I’ve seen on this the denim is turned inside out, have you tried that? Also, would it help to add a dryer sheet or would it be sort of pointless once it freezes? And the last and most important question, I have some pricey jeans with embellishments on them, I’m afraid if I put them in the freezer the glue might come off, have you had an experience or heard anything about this? Hope to hear from you!

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