My Every Day Makeup Look

my every day makeup look

Today I’m sharing my every day makeup look.  This is my go to makeup look that I wear on most days.  It takes me about 10-15 minutes to do.  I love that this look is neutral and very easy to do.  I change it up with different lipsticks depending on what I am wearing.  Let’s jump into it!

(I apologize in advance for all my weird faces!  I was doing my makeup and John was taking pictures.  I had no idea I made so many weird faces, lol!)

makeup vanity

Always curl the eyelashes!  This step that only takes a few seconds makes a huge difference!  It opens up the eyes and makes them look awake and bright.

curling eyelashes

Using my ring finger I apply Becca under eye brightening primer.  Blend it from outer corner to inner corner.  Make sure not apply to much because it can crease through out the day if it’s to heavy.

Using a Sigma f80 kabuki brush I’m applying Giorgio Armani luminous silk foundation (my all time fave foundation).  I’m wearing shade 2.  I first press the foundation into my skin then buff it out.  Applying the foundation this way creates an airbrushed look.

sigma f80 kabuki brush, giorgio armani luminous silk foundation

I use Urban Decay naked concealer, in shade light warm, apply this under the eye from outer to inner corner and on the eyelid.  This is an amazing concealer!  It’s light weight with full coverage and works as an eyeshadow primer on the eyelid.  Use a damp beauty blender to blend the concealer.  I bring my concealer down a little bit on the inner corner of the eye, making a v-shape on the face.  Then set the whole face with your powder of choice.

urban decay naked concealer

beauty blender

Moving onto eyes… I’m using the Becca eyeshadow palette.  It’s all cool toned matte shades.  I love the colors of this palette so much!  They look so natural.  Using a Sigma E40 brush with the 2nd from the left shadow and blend it out above the crease (this will be your transition shade).  Then using Sigma E35 bush and the middle eyeshadow color apply in the crease.  Using windshield wiper motions in the entire crease.  Then Sigma E25 brush use 2nd from right shadow and apply in the outer corner of the eye.  Pick up the first Sigma brush and blend out the entire eye and shadows.  Using 3 different brushes and shadows will create a layered and a more dimensional look.

becca Ombre Nudes Eye Palette

sigma eyeshadow brushes

blending eyeshadow

I’m using Dior eyeliner and line my waterline just on upper lash line.  Then small dots and dashes of liner on the lower lash liner.  Using a pencil brush and the darkest shadow color I am smudging out the liner on top and bottom.  Spend some time smudging and blending this out.  You want it to look buffed and smoked out.  Depending on how much liner you put on will depend on how dark or light this looks.  Using a pencil brush and the middle and 2nd from left shadow colors and blend out the bottom lash line.  I want to create the same color dimension as the eyelid.  Then I grab any highlight eyeshadow color and apply in the inner corner of the eye and just under the brows.

applying eyeliner

pencil brush, blending eyeshadow

smudging eyeliner

Mascara is a must!  I have a very specific way of applying my mascara.  I use 2 mascaras, Too Faced better than sex and Dior iconic overcurl.  I first apply the Too Faced mascara.  From the base of the lashes to the tip and coat the front and back of the lashes.  I apply many coats, I keep applying until I like the way my lashes look.  This mascara works wonders on the lashes because it has fibers to thicken and lengthen.  But like any mascara with fibers it can get clumpy when applying and flake during the day.  Enter Dior iconic overcurl!  The Dior brush separates and fluffs the lashes, getting rid of any clumpyness.  And it seals in the fibers, so no flakes all day long!

side tip for applying mascara: If you get mascara of your face, eyes, where ever, (like I do almost every time) let it sit there and dry for several minutes then it will flake right off with a q-tip.  If you try to rub it off right away it will only smear and then you will have to redo that area of makeup.

too faced better than sex mascara, dior iconic overcurl mascara

too faced better than sex mascara

Next is brows.  I use Anastasia brow wiz in soft brown.  I fill in my brows in the thin areas and lightly fill in the whole brow to make it even.  Using the spooly on the other end to blend it out.  Then I always use Anastasia clear brow gel so my brows stay in place all day.

anastasia brow wiz, soft brown

anastasia clear brow gel

Last is the face.  Some times I do a light contour on the cheeks and some times I skip it (depending on time).  Using a big fluffy brush I apply bronzer.  I’m using Hourglass ambient bronzer.  This bronzer is the perfect glowing bronzer that makes the face look like you spent the afternoon at the beach.  Then blush, NARS orgasm.  And of course Becca champagne pop highlight to the top of the cheekbones, nose, cupids bow.  Set the entire face with Urban Decay chill makeup setting spray.  This will give a glowing look and keep your makeup from moving all day.

applying bronzer

nars blush orgasm

becca champagne pop

applying champagne pop

Finish off with lipstick.  This makeup is so neutral you can wear pretty much any lipstick you want.  Recently I’ve been obsessed with Buxom guilty angel lipstick.  It’s the perfect neutral pink shade.

buxom guilty angel lipstick

neutral pink lipstick

every day makeup look

Thank you Sephora for collaborating with me on this post

19 thoughts on “My Every Day Makeup Look

  1. You look amazing, so natural. I own all of the glamglow masks and was wondering if you could recommend a regimen? Would it be ok to use a different one every night, or would that be overkill? Thanks in advance.

    1. Every night would be way to much. At the very most you can use a GlamGlow mask twice a week. Before masking I always look at my skin and use whatever mask my skin needs.

  2. Forgive me if I’ve overlooked it, but have you done a post on how you style your hair now that it’s shorter? I recently cut mine and I can’t, for the life of me achieve that subtle wave that you’ve got. Love the post!!

    1. I haven’t done a post on how I style my new hair cut. I have very full, wavy, frizzy hair (naturally). I use a combination of blow drying with a round brush, curling wand and flat iron to get this look.

  3. I have long, straight and very hard to curl eyelashes… Can you recommend a good eyelash curler?
    Thank you! Great post!

    1. When I use the Becca under eye brightener I don’t use an additional primer. I put a small amount on my ring finger and gently tap it in my under eye area. A little goes a long way. Don’t get heavy handed, your concealer can crease later in the day.

  4. Hey Rachel! I have a few questions about removing makeup. 1st, do makeup wipes damage the skin in anyway? should you use a cleansing balm or oil instead? And how do you know which of the two to use? Hope that made sense, Thanks so much! Love your site <3

    1. makeup wipes do not damage the skin. You can use a makeup wipe, then cleanse. Or you can use an oil cleanser that is also a makeup remover. Or Purity cleanser & Fresh soy cleanser are both a cleanser and a makeup remover, safe to use on the eyes.

  5. I only wear natural makeup, so I absolutely love this post! Also, you are so gorgeous!

  6. You are so beautiful, and I love this post, however – can we be honest about how long this actually takes? It can’t truly be 10 minutes! :)

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